Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222

Paradoxically, it’s completely golden.

At Watches & Wonders 2022, Vacheron Constantin presents a wide variety of watches, but sandwiched between handcrafted decorations and complications are new additions to the Historiques vintage refurbished collection. Given that Vacheron Constantin (VC) already has a luxury sports watch in its line, and in any case mainly focuses on dress watches and complications, the Historiques 222 was launched unexpectedly, but it is still a bright spot among the new launches, Especially given the current appetite for watches like this.

But the 222 isn’t just something that caters to today’s fads. It’s a sympathetic refurb that manages to incorporate plenty of hidden improvements while retaining the look of the original – but the feel hasn’t changed thanks to the significantly improved bracelet.

The return of its predecessor is surprising given that Overseas has long since matured into a full-fledged franchise in VC production. My initial reaction was that it was confusing to offer two different luxury sports watch models at the same time, but it makes sense considering the 222 is a Historiques model, in other words a vintage refurb. Not only does the VC have a proven track record of reviving vintage styles, but the 222 can cater to an audience looking for something a little more elegant and compact than the Overseas.

The return of the 222 is likely a deliberate decision by VC to create a luxury sports watch with a difference. Of the three luxury sports watches from the brand “Holy Trinity,” the 222 is the most restrained due to its simple lines and mostly matte surfaces. Both the Royal Oak and Nautilus are bold, loud designs by comparison.

That said, the fact that it’s a remake is arguably a drawback, as it reflects the fact that the 222 wasn’t produced long enough to become the brand’s signature Replica Watches site 2023. The most successful models in the world of luxury sports watches are those in serial production, giving them a strong, unbroken history. But this philosophizing doesn’t affect the watch’s qualities, which are sizeable and easy to appreciate.

While the Historiques 222 is not an original design, it is certainly a good watch that will set it apart from other luxury sports watches. Its clever, tasteful approach to remaking lends it considerable appeal. Remakes are rare, as they inevitably get bigger and bolder, sacrificing a certain old-fashioned elegance along the way and losing the charm of the original. Historiques 222 manages to be just as captivating as the original, but better executed.

In fact, the modern 222 was more successful than most of its counterparts in the Historiques range because of its ingenious craftsmanship. While most of the watches in Historiques are clearly contemporary pieces – due to their size and shape they cannot be mistaken for vintage watches even from a distance – 222 is faithful enough to be considered a vintage original but still manages to Becoming a noticeably better watch in terms of fit and finish, especially on the bracelet.

The Historiques 222, although elaborately based on the original, are completely new in terms of the construction and details of the case and bracelet. Both are manufactured with greater precision – and the bracelet’s superior ergonomics – at the same time to a higher level. Meanwhile, the dial takes on a slightly golden hue, while its furniture stands out more.

Of course, it comes with internal calibration. 2455, visible through the sapphire case back. However, this is perhaps the only technical flaw of the Replica Watches Online.

In contrast, the original 222 contained cal. 1120, the vaunted ultra-thin movement was made by Jaeger-LeCoultre and also used by Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. Today VC only uses this movement in the Overseas Perpetual Calendar, presumably due to supply constraints, as assembly and adjustment of this decades-old structure is more laborious than a new movement. Carl. 1120 would make 222 better than it already is, but presumably a lot more expensive.

The price can be said to be moderate for an all-gold luxury sports watch from a haute horlogerie maker. compared with overseas references. 4500V gold, which is only 15% more expensive, a modest premium considering it has a thinner, higher-end movement while being produced in smaller quantities.

a short history
The original 222 was launched in 1977 to commemorate the 222nd anniversary of VC’s founding in 1755, a year after Patek Philippe launched the Nautilus. While its more well-known competitors were all designed by Gerald Genta, the 222 was designed by Jorg Hysek, an up-and-coming German designer in his early twenties who went on to design various sports watches for brands such as TAG Heuer and Breguet.

The 222 was discontinued in 1985 and was produced for just eight years, with a little over 2,000 of all models produced. The 222 is available in three sizes, 37mm and 34mm automatic, 25mm quartz, and a quirky square version.

The rarest of the sizes are the largest “Jumbo” models. Aside from its rarity, the appeal of the “jumbo” lies in the simple fact that it is, by today’s standards, the most wearable.

The 37mm model was produced in several forms, including steel, all-gold and two-tone, as well as some diamond-set examples. Returning this year is the “jumbo,” and it’s a luxurious all-gold model.

While steel is generally the material of choice for sports watches, an all-gold 222 may be more attractive (and steel Historiques 222 may appear in time).

on the wrist
The Historiques 222 is a pleasure on the wrist; it is comfortable to wear. It also has a satisfying weight despite its compact size. Cheap copy Watches

Meanwhile, the 222 looks good. The design is simple and the brushed finish is almost understated, but it’s still gold throughout. Despite its restraint, it still has the allure of a luxury sports watch; it exudes class without trying too hard.

The 222 is as understated as an all-gold watch, which I like. Nearly all surfaces are brushed, giving it a refined matte finish on nearly every flat surface—an unusual finish choice for a gold watch.

The 222 is smaller than the modern norm for this type of watch, measuring just 37mm wide and 7.95mm tall. It may be the only luxury sports watch on the market with such a compact size. The Overseas, on the other hand, is much larger at 41mm in diameter.

The size and finish combine to give the 222 a relaxed, casual feel that’s big enough for most occasions. But it’s still all gold, so it has the luster and density that only a gold watch with a gold bracelet has. The shine of the metal and its weight on the wrist are reassuring.

But beyond beauty and detail, the appeal of the 222 is its fit on the wrist. While the vintage original is nearly the same size-wise, the refurbished version is much more comfortable. That’s thanks to a redesigned bracelet that’s softer and feels smoother on the wrist.

The bracelet also has superior construction, resulting in narrower tolerances, making it noticeably stronger. The improved construction is immediately apparent on the hand and wrist – the watch feels great on the wrist.

In comparison, the original bracelet is sturdier while also being a bit on the small side thanks to the thin steel stamped clasp.

same but better
It’s clear that the Historiques 222 have a unique purpose: to look like the original, but made better in terms of feel and construction. This required a major remodeling of all components, from the case to the bracelet to the dial, while remaining within the confines of the original design.

As such, these improvements are only apparent when viewed up close. For example, the proportions of the bezels are completely different, as are the finishes. top quality fake watches

The top-most flat of the bezel has been thinned to accentuate the brushed “cap” aspect, which also makes the dial appear wider. At the same time, the flat bottom of the bezel is polished and beveled on its outer edge, adding visual sophistication.

The most obvious improvement is on the dial. At first glance, it looks wider, thanks to the aforementioned redesigned bezel. But it’s also the result of enlarging the hour markers and hands, which, while the case remains the same size, surprisingly look perfectly proportioned, no doubt reflecting a careful redesign.

One giveaway that the in-house movement is no longer the same is the date window. It is now slightly smaller and further away from the edge of the dial, just enough to allow the minute track to continue uninterrupted. On the vintage original, the date is above part of the track.

In retro remakes, the repositioned date is often a major design drawback, as it disrupts the balance and proportions of the dial. But on 222 it works. In fact, the date looks surprisingly good, partly due to the even gold color on the gold base. This also reflects the fact that cal. The 2455 inside is not the same as the original one, and it must fit the 222 shell very well.

The gold-on-gold uniform is worth mentioning for its unusual nature. Gold dials on gold watches are not novel in themselves, but the specific execution of the 222 dial is not.

Instead of the typical champagne or bright gold, the dial color contains hints of cream, creating a slightly muted tone that is reminiscent of vintage watches without losing its modernity. It also accomplishes the difficult feat of contrasting the gold of the case and bracelet.

A subtle but important element of the design is the Maltese cross on the case, which, ironically, is the only element of the entire setup that is not a shade of gold.

Compared to the original cross, it has a more pronounced profile by reducing its diameter while increasing its height. Although small, the applied cross is an unusual detail that lends a retro feel to the 222.

thin and crisp
The cal is visible through the back of the sapphire. 2455/2, an automatic ultra-thin movement, part of the movement family starting with cal.2455/2. The 2475 was launched in 2005 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the brand.

Perhaps because the movement architecture has been sold for almost 20 years, the cal. 2455/2 has an old-school feel to it. This could be due to the various wheels and levers that are exposed, or perhaps the various bridges of the barrel and gear train. One of the details I particularly like is the hacker lever for the stop seconds – it takes the form of a slender steel blade with a step at the tip that stops the balance wheel when the crown is pulled to set the time.

Despite its vintage look, cal. 2455/2 is still a more modern movement than cal.2455/2. 1120 found in year 222. cal. The 2455/2 beats at a modern frequency of 28,000 vibrations per hour or 4 Hz – a high beat compared to cal. 1120 – Gives the balance wheel greater inertia, thus improving stability and shock resistance.

However, the power reserve is only 40 hours, the same as the cal.1. 1120 and a clear sign of the age of the movement. In contrast, update a larger cal. The 4100, which travels across the world, has a power reserve of 60 hours.

Although Karl. The 2455/2 is a somewhat dated caliber with a relatively short power reserve and more refined than the cal.2455/2. 4100 overseas. Other members of the same movement family are often found in VC’s more expensive timepieces, including the recent Metiers d’Art “Great Civilisations”.

and Carl. 2455/2 is superior to calibration. 1120, at least from a practical standpoint, simply because it has a quick-set date. Carl. The 1120 has less luxury, which means the hands have to turn back and forth after midnight to set the date on the vintage 222.

The finish of the 222 is clean and uncluttered, a mix of machine and hand embellishments, as required by Poincon de Geneve. Its quality is similar to other watches in this segment such as Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe.

Historiques 222 is cleverly conceived and just right. It’s neither too big nor too thick, a common pitfall of vintage refurbishments, nor too expensive, which can easily happen in luxury sports watches. Importantly, it feels great on the wrist. In fact, in some respects it outlasts the smaller, more refined solid gold Across the Sea.

But the 222 is another luxury sports watch with an integrated bracelet, which means that while it’s not a limited edition, there will be a long waiting list (and it does). In other words, availability is next to zero.

Still, the merits of this watch make it a compelling proposition. If the lengthy production runs of other Historiques models are any indication, the 222 will remain in the catalog for a long time, hopefully long enough to make it accessible.

BTW, from a business point of view, it would be logical for VC to roll out the steel version once the demand cools down. It won’t be as robust as the gold version, but it will certainly be more wearable and more of a sports watch.

Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222
Ref. 4200H/222J-B935

Case Diameter: 37mm
Height: 7.95 mm
Material: 18k Yellow Gold
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 50 meters

Movement: Cal. 2455/2
Functions: hours, minutes and date
Frequency: 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)
Winding: automatic
Power reserve: 40 hours

Strap: 18k yellow gold bracelet