Urwerk luxury watches

UR-110: Satellites in battle formations
In 2011, the Grand Prix de la Haute Horlogerie jury awarded the Design Watch Award to the UR-110, launched by Urwerk earlier that same year. “The beauty of the UR-110 is its apparent simplicity. We imagine time as a ‘soundless journey’. What’s happening on the dial isn’t obvious at first glance. Everything looks normal; Neither.” These are the words of Martin Frey. “Normal” of course acquires a new meaning when the Urwerk co-founder speaks. The new watch does feature orbital satellite movement with wandering hour indicators, each satellite equipped with an arrow-shaped “torpedo” to indicate elapsed time in a 60-minute orbit – on large dials that look like spaceships Right side of case, 47mm x 51mm x 16mm.

The concept is similar to the UR-201, only in the UR-110, the arms of the center section rotate clockwise, the hour satellites rotate counterclockwise, and the torpedo pointers are always in a battle-like parallel alignment. The complex structure under the sapphire crystal glass shows amazing performance. “The central rotating disk provides stability and balance for the entire complication. The planetary gear system ensures that the three hour satellites rotate in parallel around the dial. The three counter-rotating hour modules are each Mounted on a planetary gear, it spins counterclockwise to counteract the direction of rotation of the central dial,” the brand rushed to explain the movement’s complication at launch. copy watches

The UR-110 features small seconds, oil change alarm and day/night indicator on the base of the dial with a hovering satellite in flight. The new UR-9.01 caliber runs at 28,800vph, draws power from a single barrel, has a power reserve of just 39 hours, is single-winding and the rotor movement is regulated by twin turbos.

There are many versions of the UR-110, and the abbreviated name provides a hint as to the material used to make the case and bezel. Available in UR-110 AlTiN, limited edition ZrN, RG, TTH, ST, Pt, PTH and UR-110 Eastwood (2015), with ebony bezels and tweed straps in fabrics chosen by tailors for celebrity Timothy Everest. The last of the UR-110 series, a Bakelite unique piece, was produced in 2021 and sold at auction to benefit the Swiss Red Cross.

UR-1001: Uber Watch
Also known as the Zeit Device, the Urwerk UR-1001 (2011) is a remarkable and complex timepiece that showcases Urwerk’s engineering prowess and innovative approach to design, combining industrial aesthetics with futuristic elements.

The UR-1001 is a heavy duty pocket watch weighing over 400 grams, its 106mm x 62mm x 23mm AlTiN treated steel case and titanium elements feature handcrafted heat blackened steel links with custom Urwerk buckle and carbine buckle. Like Urwerk, everything happens for a reason. “With Zeit Device, we have carte blanche and create a bigger playground for our imagination . . . and then fill it with all our complications and indications,” says Felix Baumgartner . Therefore, the UR-1001 can provide the following information to a limited number of each owner. The hours are indicated by a rotating satellite hour complication and the retrograde minutes are indicated by a retrograde minute hand on a spring ring fixed on the circumference of the satellite complication. This ring is pushed along a rail by the hour satellite, and the star cam releases the minute hand at the 60-minute mark, jumping back to zero for the next satellite hour. The month and date are indicated by a familiar-looking satellite complication, an in-house developed rotating satellite calendar, the month automatically adjusts depending on whether it has 30 or 31 days The last date on the calendar complication, via middle finger Malta cross.

Three Maltese crosses are inlaid on the date wheel with 93 teeth, each tooth corresponding to the four moons at the other end of the date wheel. Below the calendar satellite, there is a three-hand indication of the running seconds on the 120° dial, showing 3 x 20 seconds. Also, on the dial side, the UR-1001 has day/night and power reserve indicator sub-dials. The back (once the lid is opened) shows a 5-year oil change alert, a 100-year run-time indicator and an additional linear run-time indicator of 1,000 years. A aperture allows you to see the UR-10.01 movement.

In 2011, the UR-1001 Zeit Device announced the AlTiN-treated steel case with titanium elements. In 2015, Urwerk launched the UR-1001 Titan version, with a case in titanium and worn on a black leather strap designed by Urwerk.

UR-210: Wrist Pedometer
Urwerk produced the UR-210 model from 2012 to 2020, and this watch has become the fifth series of the UR-Satellite series, inheriting the defining characteristics of previous Urwerk creations and adding incredibly stunning new features. The UR-210 class UFO case is more prominent and substantial than the UR-110 or UR-200 series, measuring 43.8mm x 53.6mm and 17.8mm thick. The centrally mounted structure with wandering hour indicators pointing to a minute scale that returns to its position at the bottom of the case just looks different, huge and even menacing. The reason for this is the ultra-fast retrograde system, with an oversized high-tech minute hand atop a central satellite-fixed element. After reaching the end of the minute scale, this retrograde minute hand returns to docking position with the next satellite in less than 1/10 of a second with a resounding click,

Another equally important new feature is the so-called activity indicator, an on-chain efficiency indicator. Calculates and reports the difference between the energy released by the watch and the energy produced over the past two hours. The pointer on the upper left part of the dial shows green and red areas, the pointer pointing to green indicates that the mainspring is fully charged, and the red area suggests you get up and move your wrist. “I like the idea of a fusion of interaction between the owner and their watch. The UR-210 tells the time, provides visuals of its operation, and helps the wearer know more about themselves: it’s a pedometer on the wrist,” Martin Frei explained.

The interaction between the owner and his wholesale watches replica was and still is a theme that Baumgartner and Frei love to pursue. When you think about it, the power reserve of just 39 hours that Urwerk movements are so familiar with, along with power reserve indicators like oil change alarms (which the UR-210 doesn’t have), are all ways to keep the watch on track. Just like the self-winding efficiency switch on the back of the case engages the twin air turbo regulators, this also has the convenient purpose of reducing excessive wear on components.

The UR-210 continues the tradition of offering a variety of unique aesthetic materials for making cases, bracelets or straps, with AlTiN, titanium and rose gold, platinum and steel, but also engraved, such as UR-210 Amadeus and UR- 210 Dubai, Florian Güllert. There was an all-black version, the UR-210 CP had a hobnail bezel, and the UR-210 Final became the final reference of the series.