The new HYT has landed, ushering in a long-awaited new chapter for watch collectors

While others see water as an adversary, HYT cheap turns it into inspiration. The Swiss watchmaker is known for its non-conformist approach and has reinvented itself in recent years.

Since ancient times, nature and machinery have been at odds. Engineers work to protect machinery from the slow erosion of the elements, and watchmakers work to keep the elements away from timepieces and their delicate mechanisms, which can contain thousands of individual parts. Timepieces are designed with extreme precision to prevent water and other liquids from seeping in and damaging components.

While others call water an enemy, HYT turns it into inspiration. Born in Neuchâtel, in the heart of Switzerland’s traditional watchmaking region, inventor Lucien Vuillamoz has combined science, technology, philosophy and design in a patented fluid module inspired by one of the oldest methods of timekeeping, the clepsydra.

A clepsydra, also known as a water clock, measures time by regulating the flow of liquid into or out of a container. With the clepsydra as the central idea, HYT fake watchmakers developed the Fluidic Module, an incredible technology that took 15 years to develop. The Fluidic Module is driven by bellows at 6 o’clock. Made of a highly resistant, flexible alloy, these fascinating “pumps” work by compressing two different colored liquids in thin 0.8 mm capillaries around the dial. When the left bellows compresses to release one of the two liquids, the other expands to receive it. As time passes, the liquids advance in the capillaries. The point of separation of the two different liquids (or meniscus as HYT calls it) indicates the hour.

Powering the bellows is a specially developed mechanical movement that is carefully placed at 6 o’clock below the bellows. Every 12 hours, the liquid flows around the entire circumference of the dial and when it reaches the end of the capillary, it flows back to its original position.

Over the years, HYT has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking in a non-conformist way. It has reinvented itself several times over the past few years. The brand was born in 2012 to great success, but also had some quality issues that led it to file for bankruptcy in 2021. It was eventually acquired by Swiss Kairos Technology and re-entered the market under new CEO David Cerratos, but he resigned 13 months later. fake luxury watches

In another revival, Vincent Perriard, who helmed the brand from 2011 to 2016, returned as HYT CEO.

However, as he told the New York Times, Mr. Perriard is only a “transitional choice.” HYT General Manager Vahe Vartzbed is about to take over as CEO. Mr. Vartzbed, whose resume mentions stints at Roger Dubuis, Girard-Perregaux and Greubel Forsey, is ready to take over the position.

A brief introduction to HYT.

The crazy idea behind HYT watches is to be the first and only watchmaking company to indicate time with liquid. For the past 400 years, every watchmaker was afraid of water in the movement. And we had a crazy idea to put liquid in a timepiece. This is also our way of challenging everything. We wanted to show time in the most unique way, and that’s how HYT watches were born.

What makes people choose HYT over traditional brands?

Most of the time, our collectors have a variety of different well-known brands. When they are looking for something very different, we step in.

We find that there are collectors who are always looking for the most special timepieces. Since our production capacity is limited – for example, this year we will only produce 150 pieces – we only need to reach out to collectors who are looking for something unique. Most of our collectors are not followers. They are opinion leaders, the first to decide to pursue and support a specific design; this is our positioning.

HYT is back in action since 2021. What have you learned from the last run? What is new this time? fake swiss watch

We think the situation is healthier because our shareholders understand the direction we are going. We understand that to remain independent, we need shareholders who understand the industry and the long-term development we want to achieve. The shareholders behind us are also opinion leaders. They are looking to build a brand that is very unique and very different from the rest. Creativity and innovation are the main drivers for our partners.

Tell us about your current collections.

We launched the Hastroid and Moonrunner collections in 2022. All watches are limited editions with slimmer and lighter styles. For the first time in ten years, we launched a small complication. We also want to launch more collections, so we are working in this direction with our first tourbillon in eleven years, the Conical Tourbillon.

This year we launched the T1 collection. This watch has a smaller case (now 45 mm), but more importantly, the ergonomics of the case have been improved (designed without lugs or lugs), making it very comfortable to wear. The strap goes down vertically, so the wearing comfort is improved. We have also improved the readability of the dial and introduced a system that allows easy strap changes.

Will fluid technology become your signature design technology?

Our product strategy for the next four or five years will follow two main directions. First of all, we will continue to develop our watchmaking components, building on the T1 in terms of dial decoration and movement finishing. This will ultimately lead to the creation of new movements with smaller complications. At the same time, we are committed to innovation, which has always been essential for HYT watches. We are working on completely new and innovative ways of displaying time and other functions.

Our focus is therefore twofold: to enhance our watchmaking content with small complications, more decoration and finer work, and to continue our tradition of innovation with new ways of displaying time. But fluid and mechanical – this has always been our hallmark.