DDF6 dares to go all black

French watchmaker BRM Chronographes is going in another direction, the opposite of its success so far. Setting aside its vibrant color palette, it supports black, deep black.

This fall’s watch will feature a monochrome design, with double stitching from the case, perforated hands, crown, lugs to the pin buckle strap.

DDF6-46-N-SQ-AN is as black as ink. This new change to the manufacturer’s racing line is sober, but technical.

The black three-piece case (bezel, case and back) is machined from one piece. Only our BRM shop avoids stamping and instead shapes each part by milling, cutting and removing material.

This manufacturing method pays homage to the brand’s first love and inspiration: motorsports. Design inspired by the brake disc (the French term “Disque De Frein” is reflected in the initials of the model), the perforated bezel and the stirrup-shaped crown protector, all assembled and screwed by hand, giving the automatic watch a modern and sporty look charm. BRM FAKE WATCH

In this all-black version, the case serves as an elegant casing for the heart of the timepiece, an automatic, hand-skeletonized movement. This in turn sits in a Fortal HR® casing ring suspended from three springs to dampen parasitic micro-vibrations. Exposed mechanisms, rugged pieces, bright reflections, and black hand-painted automatic bridges combine to create a timepiece that is subdued in color but bold in design and technology.

Each timepiece is the result of meticulous work, as always done in a handcrafted tradition – as you would expect from one of the few French companies that carry the “Living Heritage Company” label.

Machined, assembled, adjusted and tested in France, the three-hand DDF6-46-N-SQ-AN is a singularity in the horological world.

Various materials for intense chromatography
The apparent monochromatic simplicity of this timepiece belies the diversity of its materials, whose mechanical properties are inspired by other state-of-the-art industrial fields. In this device you will find titanium and extra-fine stainless steel, both machined from block and then treated with black PVD; polished and brushed parts; hand-applied permanent and incorruptible mirror finish; Alcantara®, Carefully selected for its unique velvety look; and handcrafted double needles. There are so many elements that absorb or reflect light, creating shades and glows of rare intensities.

“Black, of course, but shaded by the unique, creative, modern vision that BRM Chronographes excels at.” Bernard Richards

The unmistakable DDF6-46-N-SQ-AN will please the most demanding collectors. The same part discreet and brilliant, it works for endless combinations and any occasion. high quality fake watches