Jacob & Co. launches new Astronomia Solar watch

After two years of research and development, Jacob & Co. luxury launched a very high-end brand new Astronomia Solar watch. This watch lasted hundreds of hours to produce. The 44.5mm high-tech case shows the full picture of the eight planets in all directions.

This new Jacob & Co. JCAM19 is another extraordinary masterpiece of the Astronomia series and contains 439 parts. What’s more striking is that in order to present a constantly moving solar system, these parts are constantly rotating in both directions.

The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar movement has a total of three different hands. One hand rotates counterclockwise to indicate the hours and minutes (on the sapphire dial); one hand has two gravity tourbillon axes, and the rotation time interval is respectively. It is 60 seconds and 10 minutes; there is also a pointer with a hand-engraved pointer sleeve representing the earth, which rotates around the axis every 60 seconds, and it rotates around the dial every 10 minutes. In addition, this watch has a patented differential system to ensure that 12:00 is always in the correct position.

More than two years of development has created a new and complex way of turning the Astronomia Solar watch.

The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar watch has a 1.5-carat Jacob-Cut(R) citrine that represents the sun in the middle. The base is made of aventurine, which rotates in the opposite direction of the two-way rotation. In terms of design concept, this watch wants to show the landscape of the earth in the solar system.

Astronomia Sky Triple Axis and Xtreme Tourbillon released last year, Astronomia Sky Triple Axis and Xtreme Tourbillon released last year.