BOVET 1822, an exquisitely designed and exquisite timepiece craftsman, showcased the exquisite new Battista Tourbillon, created with the purely electric Battista hyper GT, BOVET worked closely with Automobili Pininfarina to create a timepiece that perfectly matches Battista, with unparalleled Craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The two brands share a common vision and expertise in producing beautifully designed and hand-crafted artworks, which are created enthusiastically by a professional team focused on a sustainable future.





These words describe the new Automobili Pininfarina Battista and the new Battista Tourbillon from BOVET 1822. While designing each other, these two breakthrough artworks have the same design vision based on legendary shapes and innovation. Automobili Pininfarina Battista has been recognized for its excellent design, and its name has received multiple awards, as the pre-series production of Battista has been completed and customers are preparing to receive the world’s first purely electric Super GT later this year. Each car is customized according to the customer’s personal specifications, ensuring unparalleled exclusivity. Similarly, BOVET 1822 has won numerous awards in the watchmaking industry, and the brand is known for its customized works. Review cheap watches

Two brands rooted in design

Pininfarina’s name is distinguished by its long history of excellent design and craftsmanship, creating more than 90 years of automotive art. BOVET echoes this spirit in the watch industry. In its nearly 200-year history, several generations of craftsmen have shaped incredible and nuanced watch art. This mutual expertise was obvious from the beginning. Bovet and Automobili Pininfarina collaborated to create Battista Tourbillon timepieces and Battista BOVET Fleurier SA – – hyper GT, when Mr. Pascal Raffy, the owner of Bovet, and the Automobili Pininfarina design team met for the first time in Cambiano, Italy.

“In Bovet 1822, the human element is essential, and so is Pininfarina,” Mr. Raffy explained.

“Cars and watches share the same values: design and performance. When you start a project and have no other interests other than perfection, passions will not only add up-they will multiply.”

This shared vision and expertise becomes obvious in all aspects of cooperation. The unique skills of the two companies have created a unique timepiece, which would not have been possible without the joint development process between the craftsmen of Bovet 1822 and the design team of Automobili Pininfarina. This hand-crafted watch masterpiece is completely developed and manufactured in-house and built by the world’s most skilled precision craftsmen, free to make highly customized parts and decorations with the highest precision while ensuring the highest quality standards. The Battista who created the customer is An almost infinite personalization process, there are more than 128 million combinations of indoor colors and materials, ensuring that the only limit is the customer’s dream. Thanks to the expertise between Bovet and Automobili Pininfarina, this can go one step further, making it possible for customers to express themselves and customize the Battista personality through the Battista Tourbillon. Per Svantesson, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, said: “From the day we first established contact with the artisans of Pascal Raffy and Bovet 1822, we have been inspired to create another art form for customers who desire the pinnacle of design and watchmaking. Opportunity to inspire each other… “With the launch of our first timepiece, our goal is to show that the world of hand-made watches has taken another step forward. In the world of luxury goods dominated by corporate groups and large groups, it is rare to find two independent family businesses. best cheap watch