New Breitling Super Avi B04 Chronograph GMT 46 Series

It’s time to take off from the nostalgic highway and fly higher with the impressive new Breitling Super Avi B04 chronograph GMT 46 series.

Nostalgic thread
Nostalgia has no time limit. It has a way of returning, repeating itself almost endlessly, paving the way for us to embrace the beauty of the past.

About 70 years ago, Breitling released the iconic 1953 “Co-Pilot” Ref. 765 AVI.

For decades, in the past fashions, the charm of this aviation-inspired timepiece has never really disappeared. The 1953 “Co-Pilot” Ref. The 1953 “Co-Pilot” Ref. 765 AVI is always attractive.

The 2020 Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition is a good example. And now, these aviation-inspired works have returned with a new image—the same cool design DNA, but with a modern interpretation. Breitling took these souls and enlarged them. To make it cooler, 5 new references have been introduced.

But what’s even cooler is that each timepiece is further inspired by four legendary aircraft-the Water F4U Corsair, Curtis P-40 Warhawk, De Havilland Mosquito and North American Airlines P-51 Mustang (the last one also has Made of precious materials)—their filigree outline adorns the back of the watch display case.

It is said that a “good” landing is one that you can walk away. A “great” landing is that they can use the aircraft again.” With this latest collection, Breitling ensures that it will provide aviation-themed watch lovers with “a wide range of” timepieces, which will be compared with other “excellent” pilot watches on the market. differentiate.

Combining the world of aviation-related timepieces with actual airplanes is an act of genius. For those who are obsessed with this world (and big wrist size), the new Breitling Super Avi B04 Chronograph GMT 46 series will be just the right nostalgia Feelings.

After the release of the Top Time Classic Cars series, Premier B09 Chronograph’Pistachio’ and Burgundy and Duograph/Datora timepieces, the existing Aviator 8 B01 Chronograph 43 series will become larger.

The current Aviator 8 series provides some excellent interpretations of Breitling’s first pilot watches. The series-non-PM option-currently starts with a simple 3-hander dated at 5’150 AUD and continues to 11’100 AUD, the latter being the 1953 Ref. The new reference material we reviewed today is based on the 765 reprint .

The original version was introduced as a pilot watch (AVI is short for “aviation”) in 1953 and was nicknamed the “copilot”. And this so-called “Co-Pilot” is the interpretation of the onboard clock designed and produced by Breitling Huit Aviation in the 1930s and 1940s in the 1950s.

One of the reasons Breitling is so popular with fans is that their reversions are usually accurate and retain the original vintage charm. AVI Ref 765 1953 Re-Edition is no exception.

But not every watch must exactly match its predecessor. The new Breitling Super Avi B04 Chronograph GMT 46 series brings the current Aviator 8 series to the present day, and diversifies it with different colors and a larger 46 mm diameter.

Although all 5 pieces have their own unique personalities, of course there are some basic design similarities. All versions are made of stainless steel-except for the P-51 Mustang ref. The RB04451A1B1X1 is available in 18k red gold — the body diameter is 46 mm and the thickness is 15.9 mm. They all have a water resistance of 100m-an improvement over the 30m of the 2020 AVI Ref 765 1953 Re-Edition-as well as a screw-in crown and case back. All watches are equipped with a pilot leather strap with a folding clasp (24/20 mm).

All watches are equipped with a COSC-certified movement and column-wheel vertical clutch chronograph. The dial display is the same, both are tri-comax. The dial displays the functions of hours, minutes, and seconds, a date window at 6 o’clock, and a second time zone function.

The rather concave sub-dials in all models are treated in sky blue, and the fine concentric circle layout adds welcome nuances and textures to the dial. For the version without the reverse panda dial, this further helps to distinguish the various elements of the dial.

I like that the Super-LumiNova® luminous numbers and the time scale have a slight bump in the middle, which adds a unique retro style to the timepiece.

Except for the Mosquito ref, the bidirectional ratchet bezels in all these products follow the material code of their body. The YB04451A1B1X1 version combines a polished and satin-brushed black ceramic bezel with red hands and white numbers. The highly polished and shiny steel bezels may be fingerprint magnets, but they enhance the design appeal of watches and give them a refined quality.

Fortunately, all versions are designed with fairly short lugs, with polished and brushed surfaces, and the watch is very comfortable to wear on the wrist. Even for a person like me with a slender wrist of about 16 cm, due to the lug design (and processing), the 46 mm diameter case will not look too overbearing visually.

In terms of design, I also appreciate that the date wheel matches the color of the respective dial color-this is a small detail, but in any case, the brand’s attention to it is commendable.

The dial retains the clear and easy-to-read Arabic numerals of AVI Ref 765 1953, but fortunately the Hesa​​lite crystal mirror is replaced with a more durable curved sapphire crystal mirror (double-sided anti-glare). I also like that they use a striking red/orange pointed GMT pointer that can track the second time zone.

Last but not least, it feels good to hold the thick knurled frame, and the frame action sounds and feels good. Similarly, a somewhat onion-shaped oversized crown is added, which is not only similar to an aviation-themed watch design, but also easy to grasp and use. The crown uses the same logo design as the dial to bring continuity to the entire timepiece.

Ecstatic flight
There are also some outstanding features in each version that attracted my fantasy (see what I did there).

North American Airlines P-51 Mustang
The new Breitling Super Avi B04 Chronograph GMT 46 P-51 Mustang ref. AB04453A1B1X1 should become a fan favorite because it is the big brother of AVI Ref 765 1953 Re-Edition. The P-51 Mustang version has a similar black dial and beige but green luminous Super-LumiNova® luminous numerals, hour markers and hands, which best illustrates the purity of my heart.

It retains the nostalgic charm of the original version, but brings a sense of modernity through different sub-dial processing, an increased date window and GMT complications. Compared with some other new variants, the P-51 Mustang steel model also uses a fine-grained main dial, which is different from the vertical brushed dial of the P-51 Mustang gold.

North American Airlines P-51 Mustang Gold
The new Breitling Super Avi B04 Chronograph GMT 46 P-51 Mustang 18k red gold version ref. RB04451A1B1X1 is an exclusive Breitling boutique and and features an anthracite dial with a black contrast chronograph counter.

In addition to the main dial texture, another notable difference is the use of white Super-LumiNova® with blue luminescence. The golden hand tie is used in the design, further distinguishing it from its steel siblings.

Curtis P-40 Warhawk
This army green reverse panda dial is one of my favorite dials, thanks to the dial’s color scheme and high contrast, and also because of the connection to the provocative shark-nose artwork of the actual Warhawk aircraft. For me, this is the most military style and adds extra talent to the entire series.

I like the sharp contrast between the military green dial and the brown aviator leather strap, and the white stitching on the strap is in harmony with the white sub-dial. The green dial can also serve as a good foundation for the green luminous Super-LumiNova® luminous numerals, hour markers and hands.

This version also happens to be a very clear person, and the subtle use of red and orange gives it extra talent.

This new Breitling Super Avi B04 Chronograph GMT 46 Curtiss Warhawk re. AB04452A1L1X1 seems likely to replace the existing Aviator 8 Chronograph 43 Curtiss Warhawk reference. A133161A1L1X1.

Water F4U Corsair
The first Vought F4U Corsair is the first single-engine fighter to break the 400 mph (640 km/h) mark. Just like its name, the new Breitling Super Avi B04 Chronograph GMT 46 Tribute To Vought F4U Corsair ref. The design of AB04451A1C1X1 is inspired by the unique uniform of this record-breaking navy aircraft.

This version also brings the eternally necessary blue dial appearance to the series through the eye-catching blue dial of the same color. The blue tone is a bit dark, and when paired with a standard light blue business shirt, it will bring a welcome and sophisticated atmosphere. In my opinion, this version is the most versatile and can be worn in casual and formal occasions.

If you don’t like the grained dial, it is worth mentioning that the new Breitling Super Avi B04 Chronograph GMT 46 Tribute To Vought F4U Corsair is also the only version with a fine vertical drawing dial, such as P-51 Mustang Gold.

In general, I admire how cheap Breitling matched the luminescence to the base color of the dial in the Warhawk and Corsair versions. The blue dial here also serves as a good basis for the blue luminous Super-LumiNova® luminous numerals, hour markers and hands. .

De Havilland Mosquito
The new Breitling Super Avi B04 Chronograph GMT 46 Mosquito ref. YB04451A1B1X1 is the older brother of the Aviator 8 Chronograph 43 Mosquito ref. AB01194A1B1X2.

The current Aviator 8 Chronograph 43 uses the B01 movement, and the B01 movement is the basis for the new and larger version. It measures 43×13.9 mm, which is much smaller than the new version located at 46×15.9 mm. Both have similar sports specifications, and the newer version has additional GMT features.

In addition to the size, there are also some design differences between the two (we have done it yourself, so you can choose the version that suits you, as a reference, my wrist is 16.5 cm).

The position of the date window is different at 6 o’clock, as is the internal layout of the sub-dial. In the new version, the “B” counterweight of the second hand has also disappeared. The smaller dial is also a bit grainy. The font used, the internal minute track is also executed in a different way.

As an impressive attention to detail, I appreciate that the date wheel of the smaller version is black to complement the background, while in the newer version it is white to complement the color of the sub-dial nested in it .

The bezels of both may be black, but compared to the brushed appearance of the other, the new version is polished. Similar putter, but now has a more prominent onion-shaped crown, which is easier to grasp.

Designed wisely, the new version of the dial also has more blanks, making the dial “breath” more. I like that they keep the red 12 o’clock, which also complements the other “red” on the dial. To be honest, if I were to change anything designed by the New Breitling Super Avi B04 Chronograph GMT 46 Mosquito, I might delete the date window because it would make people a bit busy, but luckily, there is less text at 12 o’clock.

To make a long story short, frankly, if someone likes this reverse panda shape but already has a 43mm version, I can see that both watches find their home in the same series.

The new version larger than the real person is both clear and stylish. It has a cool atmosphere due to its extra red and orange elements. The brand tells us “Recall the circle and mark found on the multifunctional aircraft (it is called) As the “Wooden Miracle”.

(Radial) engine
All models use the same COSC-certified Breitling self-made B04 movement, which is a 30×8.33 mm automatic dual-guide column wheel, vertical clutch chronograph movement with ball bearings.

As I said before, it is based on the Breitling B01 that beats at a frequency of 4Hz, composed of 47 gems, and has an impressive 70-hour power reserve.

We previously saw the B04 movement in the Navitimer B04 Chronograph GMT 48 series, the 2013 Transocean Chronograph GMT and the 2017 limited edition Chronoliner B04.