Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono Deluxe Steel Sports Watch

Practical: Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono Deluxe Steel Sports Watch

Direct chase chasing: When he first debuted, we explained in detail the best value proposition in Wonderful Value, which would otherwise in replacement of luxury steel sports viewing sections. One year later, we saw the Alpine Eagle Collection and Chopard Eagle XL Chrono, you guessed it, it is a bigger, more expensive version of the table, which is suitable for those who want to be larger, more complex. People, maybe more expensive – sing the hometown.

Starting from the first day, the Gaoshan Eagle’s case and bracelet finish have been easy to compare with the candidate championships such as Praglette Patek Phoeline, just in the first day of the truly incredible Langxun Steel A223. This naked steel luxury stage helps novice packages unexpected impact.

I am worried about the image and a paragraph of two people. This is a track track, but the Alpine eagle is still so new, so it is still very rare in the wild (especially the 2020 things), I feel Chopard Engineers, guardians and designers should get our additional efforts to let them get the reputation for their work.

Lucent Steel is the best steel I saw on any watch. It is such a white (if its color is neutral, only in the color of the yellow or color surface, then this is lit, and use this apparent uniformity, it will let all other 20K steel luxury The wrist table blows out of water and gives a rest – like nearly 300,000 US dollar snails, a difficult time to prove its extortion. The Zaratsu polishing and the surface treatment of the AP is amazing, but they Fundamentally unable to compete with Langxun Steel A223. More about the actual appearance of the actual appearance in the introduction, pricing, and brand status.

The high-end eagle XL Chrono has a 44-meter-only appearance of only 13.15 mm thick, and the three handles of 41 mm and 36 mm have changed the same. Looking at the image, you may be able to tell them more dark than my regular images, but they still have a photographer called “Buffeling:” Case and Bracelet area, which is very bright recovery. Without other watches, not in steel, 18K platinum, or I shoot 950pt, I took very bright (my recent trust Nikon D810 has taken 110,000 pictures, so it watched a lot of watch).

Now, imagine that the bracelet is the effect of the bracelet when the wrist is rotating, and each of the main light sources around the reflection is turned around. This is an expensive watch that should be provided: Of course, it will not reward this year’s coveted most cautious luxury accessories, but if you are there, you may not see all the luxury watches. Despite this, this light show does not look shiny or odorless. Instead: it gives a wonderful and exquisite object – all five digital watches should be done well, and many of them I didn’t even try this level.

The 44-mm chronograph of the alpine eagle is an obvious thing, we will say the original BUTCH version. Vibe-Wise is compared to the neighboring three counsers, because the offshore comparative royal oak: it, “better.” Ok, at least. However, hey, if you cross, you can get it here. Fortunately, Alpine Eagle XL generously carries an extra 3 mm width and generously dials additional traffic. It is still a relatively balanced – again, the painful high percentage of luxury watches completely ignore. Sizes of different components such as baffles, housings, and bracelets are proportional to each other, and balance between brushing and polishing surfaces and edges is also … and include details such as polishing copies of screws in the baffle. This is a first-class show that the designer and the right side of the designer and the right side of the craftsman.

The dials have caused its unique and fairly busy Senburst model through the eagle iris. Compared with the tame and cautious Senburstra, its structure is more textured and grainted, and we are used to it everywhere. Compared with the case itself, the application index and hand quality, a feat that helps to read during the day, and their hoist center offers nighttime easy reading – even if Chopard’s fade out of its reference information, with competitors chasing brightness And surface quality, these new parts are said to have appropriate super sublimation.

On the wrist, 13.15 mm thickness – impressive with full-size automatic winding rotors and vertical clutches, achieving positive differences by reducing some competitions of hockey hockey. The 41 mm three-person company is only 9.7 mm, so XL Chrono has been 3 mm in diameter and thickness. Short, integrated lugs, flexible and thin bracelet ports, superb proportions and relatively thin crown Everything is minimal level of 44mm wide watches on the XL Chrono level.

Great and neat pushers and gratians and wedges 03.05-c caliber, internal manufacturing movement, with four patented solutions, most importantly: COSC Chronometer certification; vertical clutch; column wheel; flyback function; full size Open tungsten alloy rotor; one-way transmission system (reducing energy loss during fast windings); 310 components and 60 hours of power reserve match with more stable 4Hz operating frequencies. Compared with the Royal Oak Time Code, it is compared to the eye candy sector – otherwise if the AP does not have a sturdy steel case with occlusion movement, it will be it.

From a suitable reflective coating sapphire crystal in front and rated water resistance to 100 meters as a suitable steel water sports luxury watch should be – again, comparable steel APRO chronographs provide 50 meters -, Alpine Eagle XL Chrono seems It is a complete package, and in terms of specifications and sorting, the extravagant motion countdown table is one of the high value claims.

To learn about history, concepts, Langxun Steel A223 materials, and the design of the depression, how to make the status than its competitors, you will find all the understanding it in our hands – last year’s debut articles last year. XL Chrono is more maleized and powerful than last year’s more tamed and balanced three-person companies. Given the price difference between the timing code table and the three drivers, the relatively small trend of the watch is again a trend (more don’t say your comfort and comfortable), I think 41 mm of the alpine eagle all steel is a more powerful, comprehensive of.

However, if you have had a chronograph in the steel – who time, the Alpine Eagle continues to show competition – this may be too comfortable in its position – even in this issue is also raised.

Chopard XL Chrono has three versions: whole steel, blue or black dial, two-color rose gold steel plate with black dial.