Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb RurricaneRevolución South America Watch

As we have written before, Zenith has released the miracle of the Hurricane model with the college Christophe Colomb. This is a new limited edition to commemorate individuals who are responsible for the reform and independence of South America. So “Viva La Revolucion” is prepared with your best Che Impersation, and preparing for a very “non-budget-friendly” new amazing art. With FUSEE-CHAIN ​​transmission to apply constant force, the gyroscope universal joint setting Theory is theoretically affected by gravity on exercise. It is really a new latin twisted award-winning watch. Given the efforts involved in these debris, this is not surprising, then we are considered a small limited edition in the lineup.

Their latest release proceeds to the central and South America, causing serving to Simónbolívar (Reference 40.2213.8805 / 36.c714), Ernesto “CHE” Guevara (Reference 18.2214.8805 / 36.c713) and Emiliano Zapata (Reference. 34.2210. 8805 / 36.c713) – This is what I think it is necessary to comment. Not in why the meaning of these specific men is not because they are indeed an icon that contributes to their affected countries. Instead, it can choose to leave its portraits into luxury watches.

For me, when you show a revolutionary battle comes from their country, luxury seems to be in the revolution from where the philosophy of the guidance process. Maybe if you have left the complexity of men and the complexity of the watch, it works? But it still feels “close” for me. Then, I am not suitable for the precise history of respectful men, so maybe historians in the crowd can praise and guide me lack of historical views.

Ok, SOAPBOX mode is now separated. For these special models, Zenith has used the method of decorating the back of the mirror, making the image and supplement the complexity of the internally moving motion. In the past year, some of our finer methods we have not seen in the table have been rolled into a micro-painting in the luxury field, and transform the fake luxury watches (usually dial) into mini paintings.

On these watches, try to concentrate on. They started from directly applied to motion. Then, a coating is applied at an magnification of the microscope. This supplements handmade finished ornaments that completed the full portrait of the leader, with the most relevant icon of the man.

This is something I can’t help. Creating such techniques and efforts, I can’t even start phantom. When you put into “miniaturization” that is packaged in your watch, you just turn the dialing until 11.

Although the company’s luxury watches and packaging are in the revolutionary, Academy Christophe Colombrevolución has combined a very complex and beautiful movement with some amazing artworks.