New 2021 Hublot Big Bang Inittental Ceramics Watch

Last year, the Hublot Big Bang Integral Power is announced here. This is the first large explosive product with a real integrated bracelet (means the bracelet and the design seamless integration of the case) – but of course, this is not the first big bomb watch on the bracelet. Last year, I looked at the full titanium version of Hublot Big Bang points, but a large bombing points of black ceramics (and 18K king) were also released. At the beginning of 2021, Hublot first debuted three new version of the big explosion with new ceramic colors. These colors include white, gray and blue ceramics.

This may be Chanel, proved that the ceramic watch on the world’s ceramic bracelet is a very good idea. Although the Paris-based brand-based J12 did not introduce ceramic watch or ceramic bracelets, it proves that the long-term durability of “high-tech” ceramics and fashion effect is used as a selected luxury clock material. Colored ceramics (ie, not just black or white) are the most recent update phenomenon. In this regard, Hublot is indeed an innovator, and they use colorful and traditional professional knowledge of the traditional zirconium dioxide ceramic material to express exquisitely in the case of large explosion composition. The case is 42 mm wide and 13.45 mm thick. This idea is to put the case in a larger explosion UNICO 42MM watch, not a large 45mm wide large explosive box.

The water resistance of the case is 100 meters and the ceramic watch is quite good. The inside of the replica automatic watches is the internal manufactured Hublot Caliber Hub1280 “Unico” automatic timeline table movement, which is recently upgraded in the outgoing Unico HUB1242, with the same configuration. The HUB1280 has the same 4Hz operating frequency and 72-hour power reserves as “Gen 1” Unico motion, but it does have a lot of new parts, many of which are patents. The upgrade in the movement is there to make it more reliable, easier to serve, more considerably, a little diluent, also a bit efficient.

That is, this automatic timecase table with date motion is still in a more complex side, from a total of 354 parts. The 60-minute chronograph has a flyback mechanism and is also transmitted by the column wheel. Most large explosion points watches are open, clear sports views. The application and matching of the large-scale applying hourly markers helps these time meters to maintain a very clear, motion attractive.

Compared with standard large explosives, large explosion points have some different parts, except for lugs and connecting to bracelets. This includes a new timer push (external clamping rubber element), how the dial and case are completed in aesthetic. Although it looks like a big explosion 42, Jeraj Jie gentleman cone bracelet design.

The bracelet looks three links and is thin thinly thinner than the old man’s Hublot Big Bang watch. Ceramics are also lighter than steel, but may be more important than the existing total titanian large explosion points. However, Hublot completed the ceramic link, as if they were metal, with a combination of brushing and polishing surfaces.

With white, blue and gray ceramic colors for 2021 large bombings, Hublot is playing it is a very safe. These as well as black (colors that are collected last year) may be the most conservative choice. However, although the white ceramic watch on the bracelet (for men) is a bit popular, gray and blue are ceramic watches still rare color. Generally, I will recall a mainstream luxury time gray. Or blue ceramic bracelet. The bracelet deployment button itself is titanium.

Another benefit of a watch like Hublot Big Bang Integral is that it is more or less, completely low allergic (between titanium and ceramic case materials). What is possible to criticize this watch collection is that it shows a trend that exceeds the innovator. Many people think they think when they consider the brand. It is said that Hublot enters the luxury integrated watch surface area clean, freely. Even if the bracelets and lugs are made with fashion Gerald Genta Royal Oak, there are similar watch designs, which have many contemporary popularity. I think trying that these people are really interesting, I look forward to seeing the body 2021 Hublot Big Bang integral ceramic watch.