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Represented by the “9S” style on the SBGR001 in 1998, this is the first Seiko mechanical watch (driven by the automatic 9S55) in the past two decades. Still part of most Grand Seiko watches-“Snowflake” is perhaps the most famous watch today-the “9S” type case is characterized by a narrow, polished bevel to track the length of the case, thus forming a double-step case. Exterior. Another important case design is the modern interpretation of 44GS. Unlike the smooth “9S”, 44GS is angular and has a wide polished surface. This makes the case lines eye-catching, but I find that the proportions of the modern 44GS case are not as elegant as the “9S” case or even the old-fashioned original 44GS.

The Series 9 design is interesting because it combines the best features of the two case styles. At first glance, its exquisite lines are reminiscent of the “9S” case, but after careful inspection, it is found that it is reminiscent of the multi-faceted lugs of the 44GS.

It is worth noting that the brushed surface of the Series 9 case is more than that of the ordinary Seiko case. The most obvious is the baffle, the top of which has a vertically brushed surface and slanted polished sides (an unusual combination for the brand), making it more interesting than the usual polished finishes.

In addition, the sides of the case are completely brushed along the length, which, although not common, has become more and more common due to the introduction of the “thin dress” series. Grand Seiko copy watches

It is hardly noticeable, but it is inferred that it is obvious that only a few polished surfaces remain. It is worth noting that for a variety of reasons, it is important to use brushing in this situation. First, it can better demonstrate the finishing that Grand Seiko boasts by creating more precise edges between polished and brushed surfaces. Secondly, the contrast between different finishing techniques gives the watch a more balanced and modern appearance.

And the bracelet design is also very novel, the link is wider and shorter, making it more flexible, so it is more comfortable on the wrist. In other words, the appearance of the bracelet is still somewhat outdated, especially the strap on both sides of the middle link.

As far as the buckle is concerned, this is a missed opportunity. The buckle is functionally the same as the previous generation of bracelets, which means that instant “micro” adjustment without price adjustments has become the standard for many watches.

Its main feature is the novel “double-pulse escapement”. 9SA5 is a brand new movement in every respect, and its many details distinguish it from the existing movement. The most obvious is that the architecture and decoration are in line with the tastes of the wider market and therefore also in line with the Swiss aesthetic, which marks the turning point of the brand in the design of the movement. Shopping fake watches

With the help of 9SA5, Grand Seiko demonstrated for the first time a brand-new adjustment mechanism, from the balance bridge to the escapement. The escapement itself is important because the lever escapement that few people have tried and tested is reliable but not particularly effective. The low efficiency of the lever escapement lies in the mediation between the escape wheel and the balance wheel, that is, the pallet fork. Elimination of the pallet fork, resulting in a direct impulse escapement, can reduce energy loss due to friction, but this device is rarely mature enough to be industrialized.

However, the double-pulse escapement combines two extreme features in the escapement design. Energy is transferred to the balance through the swing direction of the balance wheel in two ways: energy is transferred indirectly through the pallet fork in one direction, and in the opposite direction, it is transferred directly from the escape wheel to the balance wheel.

The pallet fork and escape wheel are manufactured using high-precision photolithography (a micro-electromechanical system technology, better known as MEMS), which provides them with the best geometry while also allowing skeletonization to minimize Its weight and inertia.

The reduction in energy loss caused by friction, coupled with the double barrel, makes this movement run for 80 hours, compared to 55 hours for the previous-generation Seiko movement.

In addition to the new escapement, the adjustment mechanism of the 9SA5 has also been upgraded in previous generations. Grand Seiko eliminated the regulator for the first time and instead relied on free spring balance with variable inertia. Like many modern balance wheel designs, its function is to adjust the screw in the groove on the rim of the balance – therefore, the top of the screw is almost flush with the rim of the balance wheel – reducing the air friction caused by the vibration of the balance. resistance.

At the same time, the traditional flat hairspring has been replaced by Seiko’s own over-coil design (presumably conceived through internal finite element analysis), so that the breathing of the hairspring is more concentric. Theoretically speaking, the combination of these two functions can improve synchronization and maintain a consistent heart rate regardless of the mainspring torque.

Another improvement is the use of a full balance bridge, which is fixed by screws on both sides of the balance, which provides higher stability than a traditional balance cock anchored only on one side of the balance. Nowadays, the balance wheel bridge has become the standard configuration of the movements of major Swiss brands such as Rolex and Omega, which can improve shock resistance and timing stability.

In addition to improving the technical functions of the timing function, Grand Seiko also implemented two additional functions to improve the user experience.

First of all, the gear train is designed in a horizontal layout, and almost all gears are on the same plane to make the movement thinner. Therefore, from the back of the watch, the running train wheel is on the right side of the balance wheel, and the self-winding sprocket is on the left side. This is not revolutionary in itself, but it can reduce the overall movement and case thickness to 5.18 mm and 11.7 mm, respectively, making it higher than the usual Grand Seiko Hi-Beat automatic movement with a height of 13 mm or more in the past. Thinner.

Second, the instantaneous date of 9SA5 changes at midnight, rather than the gradual transition date changes found on other swiss Grand Seiko movements.