Breitling Endurance Pro

Sport, fun, lightweight.

Breitling cheap is known for its mechanical pilot chronograph, but it has a long history of professional quartz table, the most famous is an emergency of multi-functional aerospace and built-in distress. (EMERGENCY). The latest version of the Breitling quartz instrument table series is sports and leisure Endurance Pro.

The five tables have the same black dial and the carbon fiber composite housing, but the dial flange and the table have five bold colors. Although color is interesting, the chronograph and two-way rotary laps (can be used as a sun compass) can take care of the watches.

initial thoughts
As a moving watch, cheap Endurance Pro can use many elements correctly. First, despite large size, weighs are very light. The case was made of BreitLight (a proprietary carbon fiber composite – carbon fiber) in a polymer, which is three times the weight than titanium, thereby causing it in a wrist.

Secondly, although the mechanical movement is more attractive to the enthusiast, the quartz movement is more practical to sports watches. Compared with the balance, the quartz oscillator is not easily affected, such as impact, magnetic force and direction. Quartz sports watch is very convenient, you can pick up and wear it immediately without the need for uplink or adjust.

Although Endurance Pro is the cheapest quartz watch manufactured by Breitling years (the lowest price of men’s watch), even the ultra-light housings and high prices are still expensive. Quartz movement.

Design and function
Colors and 44 mm size give a watch to the top luxury replica watches. Easy to read, the dial flange has a pulsation scale, which is a useful tool for the athlete measurement heart rate.

The base point is also practical on the rotating lap, which can be used as the sun compass. Aligning the hour and the sun is a simple problem, and the middle point between the hour and 12 points means south. Turn the lap to south the south, then you can easily read other basic points.

High precision quartz
Although the quartz movement is more stable than the mechanical movement, the quartz oscillator is easily affected by temperature changes. This is because the high-frequency vibration of the quartz crystal (which is the regulator of the movement) changes with the temperature.

A version of the thermoline movement manufactured by Superquartz ETA. 82 of Endurance Pro resolves the problem of the sensor, the sensor measures ambient temperature, then adjusts the digital adjustment algorithm of the movement to compensate for the frequency change caused by the temperature.

Breitling Years Ling Endurance Pro

Reference number x82310a51b1s1 (orange)
REF. X82310A41B1S1 (yellow)
REF. X82310D51B1S1 (blue)
REF. X82310A71B1S1 (white)
REF. X82310D91B1S1 (red)

Diameter: 44 mm
Height: 12.5 mm
Material: Breitlite Carbon Fiber Composites
Water resistance: 100 m

Movement: Centennial Cal. 82
Function: Time, minute, second, date and chronograph
Power storage: 3-4 years

Tablet: rubber or regenerated nylon strap