Richard Mille RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat Watch

It requires perfect frontier design, perfect features and perfect timing to create a classic watch. In a relatively short period of time, the replica Richard Mille RM 010 automatic upper chain movement has been accepted as a modern idol, its shape and avant-garde material application immediately identifies. When you find a brand from 20 steps, you will know success. However, once this is done, what should I do next?

Some people may say that the aesthetic consistency may cause indifference in consumers, but the long-lived and successful proven of the manufacturer of Richard Mille, the market is full of the existing housings. Interest, this case is more than the formula attempted and inspected. But every time, the repair work will be more far more than usual.

Richard Mille cheap has previously increased complications. He is facing a simple color scheme, bold decoration, and ambassador partnership of sparkling. However, this time, Richard Mille made some different things in his new model. Richard Mille RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat watches The release of the watch is thoroughly changed, while still retaining the classic contours and materials and materials we are usually seen from quirky French.

If you even transfer your attention to your luxury watch industry, you will know that it is easily affected by the trend. Manufacturers have experienced different stages, and every stage is trying to renew, larger, smaller, faster, slower, more bright, darker, more complicated, slower, even smoother. Twenty years ago, the whole world has been fascinating, brand competition for many years, tried to create the most slim movements.

But this will soon be old. Improved manufacturing technology, Switzerland “proprietary technology” rapid snowball resources and the development of material science, making attractive and complexity more complicated. In terms of performance potential, the roof is blown overnight. Therefore, as the collective imagination of the watch industry has gradually disappeared, the clock becomes larger, more harder, and becomes more and more bizarre. We have received the teachings in the past two decades and try to reduce it to easier management. This pursuit has two ideal results: First, it will make modern complex watches more flexible, which means they will be expanded. Second, due to the decrease in the movement, it will make more complexity to be in the space. That is progress.

That’s why Tracked Mille’s watchmakers have been working to bring you best Richard Mille RM 67-01 automatic ultra-thin watches. The appearance is similar to the old automaton.

So it is easy to in your eyes – this is our very comfortable contour. In order to achieve a satisfactory depth, this can be a very two-dimensional project, Richard Mille pays special attention to the heavy skeleton of the movement. When trying to redesign the classic case shape, it is important to simply evaporate the original case, not only.

The challenge that the internal design team to face is to reduce its actual height and do not affect its visual effect. They increase the depth of the solid dial to the edge by suspending the hour mark cut from the solid metal and filled with the edge of the floating frame to the edges. At the bottom of the hour mark, countless surface finish provides a charming comparison. Naked metal components are placed in parallel with part of DLC. People have given attention to each detail – even screw heads also have a variety of styles and fingers to further enrich the type.

Richard Mille RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat watches not only have aesthetic achievement. In this common case, there are many tabular achievements. The thickness of the automatic CRMA6 movement is only 3.6 mm, which is designed by Les Breuleux experts to design for this Fake Discount watches. The motherboard and the bridge are made of 5-stage titanium, and the weight of the rotor is made of platinum. From the back, you can see the open hair box, the bridge of the forward train and the upper chain mechanism.

Surprisingly, the train wheel that is running is running with an inclined teeth. This gear transmission is more common in the automobile, usually avoiding in the watch industry, because the pressure of this size is large. Richard Mille can use this tooth shape to prove the pure strength of engineering quality and parts. Such contours help more efficiently transmit energy more efficiently, in theory, it can produce excellent timing results.

The indicator between 1 or 2 points displays which position, three letters overlap each other, “W” represents the release, “D” represents the date, “H” represents manual settings. Richard Mille does recommend a string watch when power is insufficient, although it is an automatic watch. It did not make a clear explanation, but I think this may be related to the extra energy required to make the trains that drive the progressive turn. The teeth can provide smoother, more power transmission, but this may be due to its tight tolerance required for meshing. Due to the reduction of the gap, there may be more power to start playing.

Richard Mille RM 67-01 Automatic ultra-thin wrist table has a 50-hour power reserve (+/- 10%), with semi-vertical date display in five o’clock (within the luminous frame) It is freely suspended a balance of variable inertia, 25 jewel and 28,800 VPH operating frequencies. The case was made of titanium, a span of 38.7 mm, from a distance from the ear to the ear, and the thickness of the stuffed fire was 7.75 mm. Although it has left a deep impression as it is, I like it is still a time. Usually, I will be conservative in manual design, but this active small number makes me colors.