Porsche Design’s innovative design in the watchmaking industry

The history of the first Porsche car can be traced back to 1948. Only two weeks after delivery, the first Porsche 356 won the first mountain race in Innsbruck. The iconic 911 model came out in the 1960s. replica watches uk

Porsche Design has won more than 30,000 victories on the world’s most demanding race tracks and has earned a high reputation, and the brand’s name has become synonymous with the highest level of engineering capabilities.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the son of Ferdinand Anton Ernst, joined the company in 1957 and first took charge of the company’s design department in 1962.

In 1972, Ferdinand Alexander founded Porsche Design. Its goal was to create technically inspired products outside the automotive world, while at the same time having the same high standards as Porsche cars in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

As a designer, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche has a reputation as a functionalist. Since its inception, Porsche Design has been creating inspiration for products.

Thanks to the unique cooperation with Porsche Motorsports, the latest knowledge and technology in the racing industry can especially be integrated into the development of Porsche design products and timepieces.

In the watchmaking industry, fake Porsche Design has made remarkable achievements.

The first timepiece designed by Porsche-the iconic Chronograph I-caused a huge sensation as the world’s first fully matte black watch, which has never been seen before.

The matte black timepiece was inspired by motorsports. In fact, the cockpit of a Porsche racing car is usually black to prevent light from reflecting on the dashboard and to make it easier to read the gauges.

With Chronograph I, even under adverse lighting conditions, a black face with white markings and a pointer under the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal can help you read the time display instantly and intuitively.

Although those who think that unusual design has become an outdated fashion inevitably criticized it, chronographs are ahead of the times and start a new trend.

Today, Chronograph I has not lost its appeal, which clearly demonstrates the quality of its design.

With the 1978 Compass watch, Porsche Design replica integrated two high-quality independent instruments into one for the first time: a high-precision mechanical clock movement with automatic winding system and a precision compass with night function.

Porsche Design has made a great innovation in the watchmaking industry. The first chronograph made entirely of titanium was born in 1980.

For the first time, the case and wristband of a watch are made of titanium. The stop button is fully integrated into the case, creating a new image for this type of watch.

Motorsports inspired this idea again. Porsche uses titanium in the manufacture of racing engines. This titanium has extremely high strength and strength, but it is lighter than stainless steel because this non-corrosive material satisfies all engineers’ techniques in terms of resilience, resistance and durability. Claim. With these qualities, coupled with the anti-allergic properties of titanium (a vital aspect in the watch world), this timepiece once again embodies the most advanced engineering technology and reaffirms the company’s innovative talents.

The Porsche diver’s watch “Ocean 2000” designed in 1982 is also a breakthrough in its innovative design. Developed according to the German Navy specifications, it provides a waterproof performance of 2000 meters/6600 feet depth.

With the end of the cooperation with IWC, Porsche Design cheap began to establish a partnership with Eterna. In these years (1999 to 2014), the Porsche Design Index launched at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Fair in 2004 caused a great sensation, because it was the first chronograph equipped with a mechanical digital hour and minute counter. Stopwatch.

In 2007, Worldtimer displayed the time in two different areas at the same time, which attracted great attention and many fans. In this model, you can already appreciate the characteristic gap at the belt attachment, which makes the design very unique and gives a light feeling.

These architectural openings on the lugs are still the unique design elements of the current 1919 and 1919 Eternity series.

In 2014, at the end of the collaboration with Eterna, Porsche Design presented the first Porsche timepieces that were developed entirely in-house, more precisely by Porsche Design Timepieces AG based in Solothurn (Switzerland).

In early 2017, Porsche Design launched the Monobloc actuator model, introducing a new method for the operation of the chronograph.

Inspired by the high-performance concept adopted by the Porsche 911 RSR engine, Porsche Design transferred the technical principle of valve control to the innovative control mechanism used for the timing function of the Monobloc actuator through the rocker arm used for the high RPM racing engine.

Instead of the two buttons in a traditional chronograph, the chronograph function of the Monobloc actuator is activated by a single pressure-operated, two-way load-bearing rocker switch seamlessly integrated in the case on the right side of the entire mechanism. https://www.whole-watches-discount.com