Richard Mille RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne: Inspired by aviation

The high quality of the copy Richard Mille watches not only originated from its structure, but also from the materials made thereof. After all, if you do not use components that meet the highest requirements, it is impossible to design a watch that can withstand extreme conditions. Richard Mille uses a technique of technologies, especially aviation and one-level organic, to test their possible applications in a clock or case, thereby manufacturing its accuracy, lightweight Sexual and reliability and the inerteric timepiece of the materials used. The new RM 21-01 Tuple Wheel Aerodyne has always adhered to this concept and is affected by the aviation industry.

Richard Mille proposed a new home design through RM 21-01. The complex structure of the 5N red sheet housing is enhanced by the carbon TPT® structure for the lap and pillars. This extremely light and durable composite is formed by stacking hundreds of carbon fibers in the automatic process, wherein the direction of each of them is rotated 45 °. The material is then heated to 120 ° C in the autoclave before it can be cut into thousands. These reinforcements are fixed by 20 spline screws, which can protect the outer casing like armored. The unique appearance of the Carbontpt® layer is perfectly added to the golden gloss and trees of the wooden board.

Ventilated instrument

Carbon TPT® is also the core of the board, which combines the incluspective honeycomb structure that reflects the concept of air itself. The board is made of Haynes® 214® and has a blue PVD coating – this is the first product of the brand. This nickel-chromium-aluminum-iron alloy is mainly used above 955 ° C. discount Fake watches

The best high temperature oxidation property can still be molded and assembled in conventional methods, particularly suitable for combustion chambers.

Therefore, the circuit board of RM 21-01 has unparalleled rigid, extremely low thermal expansion coefficients and extraordinary anti-mural strength – all of which are basic requirements for the Richard Mille watch.

For the bridge, the Richard Mille copy team chose 5-stage titanium, which is a biocompatible titanium-aluminum-vanadium alloy for space travel, with maximum stability and excellent corrosion resistance. Sex. The barrel and the gyro bridge consist of four arms, in the hollow frame circular bracket, located in the central groove of the plate. They provide ideal mechanical properties for the rotation of these moving parts, and also highlight the beauty of the gournit. The movement surface is treated with a 5n red PVD coating to protrude the housings and ventilation mechanisms.

The sapphire crystal dial allows you to understand the structure of the RM21-01 manual upper chain movement. The power reserve indicator is located at the 11 o’clock position of the digital location, and the torque indicator is located at 1 o’clock position. You can see the tension in the spring box, thereby optimizing the performance of the movement. The function selector is located at 4 points. It operates by a pusher located in the center of the crown, which is made of carbon TPT® and 5N rose gold and is coated with the same material as white rubber strap. Just press to switch from the neutral (N) position to the winding (W) and the pointer position (h).

From the most fine improvement of the movement, such as the bevel, polishing and scrolling of a single part, to the use of innovative technical materials and the integrated trunk round to cancel the impact of gravity: the new RM 21-01 Tuple Wheel Aerodyne – limited edition 50 pieces Prepare to open up new vision.