Richard Mille RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal watch with Touri Wheel 10,000 grams

One minute of Tu Feihe runs in 3 Hz, 6 half-oscillations per second, this is a feat, it can perform 70 hours (according to the Richard Mille +/- 10%), must manually be manually rotated Reply. The balance wheel is of course, using the variable moment free spring of the inertial screws – the normal setting mechanism is likely to be detached after the previous impact, while the slight weighted screws are set to help it maintain its balance in the periphery of the balance wheel.

As I said, all of this is set on the ten filament floor in the carbon TPT, which is composed of a plurality of parallel filaments, each measuring up to 30 μm. In order to save weight – so that the watch makes the watch more comfortable when competition, this multi-layer carbon board has been skeleton, the neck is absolutely pain, because this super hard material first eats the drill bit, when Half of it is machine machining, it is very difficult to fix, so that the other, the original segment can work.

More than all of these carbon TPTs is a 5-level titanium bridge – this means an alloy of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. The integrated bridge on the light helps maintain all safety, fixing the wire, gear train, and the gyro on the basis of carbon. Richard Mille has added an unusual design element, adding the top of the top, evoking the front of the cattle, the symbol of Spain, and the selected emblem of Nadal.

The RM027 series is always a high-tech project, so now, through various works that are dedicated to RAFA, the brand seems to be a bit not just color (another choice to salute the Spanish), but it is also some other elements. Although it looks cool, I think, I am willing to be excluded, just because I have been enjoying their unremitting and incredible technical skills in Richard dawn watches, crazy styling elements are always from some of the same Bunke 22 technology.

In any case, due to the ultra-light case, sports and belt, wearing comfort should be very good – although this Richard Mille chooses the weight of this work in best Richard Mille. This focus seems to have mastered a lot of improved strength and durability, not savings, why is RM 27-03 may have a few grams more than his seniors.

Richard Mille RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal’s strap is a brand called “comfortable strap”, which is made of elastic material, which may be seen on the recording light RM 50-03 Maikina’s flywheel timer. The situation is very similar (here the hand). If this is this situation – why shouldn’t it? – Then RM 27-03 will become one of the most comfortable watches in history. The case is only 40.30mm wide, 47.77mm lugs and lugs, almost unrecognizable weight, plus this self-regulatory elastic band, I think that Nadal will adjust it on his wrist.