Ulysse Nardin X At the time of glass

We are proud to uncover the next commemorative watch, replica Ulysse Nardin Freak x the Hourglass. Manufactured in Switzerland, with matte finished champagne movement and carbon metal “Brancard” framework, limited edition, is our 40th celebration. View the watch here.

“We are honored to become part of Southeast Asia and Australia, the most famous and most trusted jewelers in Southeast Asia and Australia, carrying the world’s best watch brand in its portfolio, and provides a unique retail leader of Ulysse Nardin. And – a luxurious environment in a special, luxurious luxury environment.

In 2013, Ulysse Nardin cheap has developed a limited edition freighter watch with hour glasses. Pay tribute to both partners, this new iteration is the new iteration of the brand’s new brand of silk launched in 2019.

In 43 mm rather than 45mm, Freak X is easier to read and operate compared to other watchs in the collection. It has a time-calibrated crown, which is a most standardized aspect of a monster vision or freak of the crown, which is the correct time of the baffle. The “long stick bread” is still a carrousel, turn it once every hour to indicate the time. It is simpler, even more bold, and there are fewer wheels. It does not have a dial, no hand-Central Bridge as a split, one of which is an hour. chronowrist.ru

One of the most outstanding innovations of internal and clear and visible: silicon ultra-light balance wheel, ultra-wide, nickel flying and stable micro-blade. The movement itself is a new UN-230, which is a fusion of the product, an annirable channel Vision Un-250. The champagne motion with matte precision can be provided in carbon gold, black central bridge and wheels and super-Muss, a dark brown crocodile belt, with champagne “point-virtue” pin.

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