Bell&Ross BR 05 watch series

Bell and Ross fake co-founder Carlos Rosillo (Carlos Rosillo) has a bright smile on his face. He showed his new “baby”-BR 05 series to the aBlogtoWatch team a few months before its official launch. Bell & Ross BR 05 is the latest chapter in the ever-evolving saga of the Paris brand, aiming to match the sensitivity of modern fashion with the ancient pleasure of wearing an instrument on the wrist. Unlike most of Bell & Ross’s previous timepieces, most focused on imitating a specific style or theme of the past (presented according to today’s taste), while BR 05 is completely inspired by modern factors.

In short, the Bell & Ross BR 05 is the alluring, wise and unique answer to the brand’s alluring, stylish sports watch on an integrated bracelet. Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet and other extremely popular watches, as well as Rolex Submariner Rolex Submariner watches, are slightly favored today. , I like to stay active,” and “Looking at me, I have money, good taste, and the confidence to wear it. “

Anyone can make the most direct complaint against Bell & Ross BR 05, and it may be its greatest asset. “Didn’t Bell and Rose just imitate the Patek Philippe Nautilus in their own style?” one person may ask. The short answer to this question is “yes”, but this will completely ignore the greater popularity of high-quality men’s bracelet watches we see today, because Bell & Ross has not completely tried to steal sales from Swiss Patek Philippe. On the contrary, Bell & Ross realized the importance of this product field and launched a series of exquisite new timepieces to the best of their ability. More importantly, people can easily think that because the BR 05 is very cost-effective, Bell & Ross deserves attention in this product category.

What made sports watches with integrated bracelets like Nautilus so popular in the first place? Patek Philippe does not seem to have made any outstanding contributions to the promotion of this category. In fact, like Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Nautilus was dumb for a long time. In fact, Nautilus was initially criticized for its ugliness. However, it does reflect the magic weapon, that is, the watch industry should generally praise Mr. Gerald Gunta for his popularity.

My explanation for fake BR 05 or Nautilus watches is that it is an attractive men’s bracelet, which happens to have a watch attached to it. In short, these are jewellery bracelets, for me, it is practical by adding the dial. Even Gerald Genta himself is known for laughing at himself for not particularly fond of watches. Instead, his interest is to make jewelry bracelets more popular with men. The trick is to make a bracelet, which is not only a means to fix the watch on the wrist, but also a decorative element in itself. Logically, this is a reasonable reasoning, because most of the visual space of a watch (when worn) is a strap or bracelet.

Nowadays, the widespread popularity of high-end (mainly) steel sports watches on bracelets is not only integrated with the relevant current taste and this look. It also deals with the supply of economics and the watch industry. Luxury consumption pays more attention to value. This means that people who are interested in a brand worthy of attention are more interested in wearing the name and are also interested in convenience. Patek Philippe wears pure gold, and the prospect of complexity (and therefore easier to knot) is not as good as a smooth steel watch that only shows the time. The advantage of a sports watch is that it does not make the wearer look too old or bored. Mature men spend most of their time in business attire, but still want people to know that they lead an active life. They like how such a clock implies an interest in physical exercise, but it is also very suitable when wearing more formal clothes .

It must also be considered that the popular steel sports watches produced by best Patek Philippe and Rolex on bracelets are not enough. Since the demand for more entry-level products from these popular companies is still high, consumers who want to buy these watches are often unhappy. The waiting list for Patek Philippe to obtain a Nautilus watch is (the last time I saw it) more than 12 years.

Bell and Ross (and other companies) logically see it as an opportunity. If consumers are interested in under-supply product categories, why not provide their own answers to the integrated bracelet watch question. Bell & Ross is not the only company that offers such watches, but BR 05 is the more interesting company among them, of course, it is inspired by the world of Bell & Ross itself.

As far as I know, the design process of BR 05 (completely done in-house by Bell & Ross) began with the brand’s tradition. This means that Bell & Ross was not inspired by pilot watches, cockpit instruments, racing cars, diving equipment, etc., but was inspired to create its own answer for this product category. The result is interesting, because its surface looks very inspired by Gerald Genta, but then you find that many design elements are present in previous Bell & Ross fake watches. The first is the square case that pays tribute to Bell&Ross BR 01, and the chain link of the bracelet can be traced back to the early Bell&Ross watches produced by Sinn for them.

Design areas such as hands seem to be favored by Gerald Genta, and slope down along the side of the case to form one-piece lugs. When consumers are looking for such watches, Bell & Ross obviously wants to be seen as a choice, so a certain visual familiarity is very helpful to them. In other words, Bell & Ross tried to use itself and its previous models as the inspiration for the BR 05 in all other respects. In this regard, BR 05 is very much in line with the brand’s DNA.

Bell & Ross BR 05 BLACK STEEL & GOLD BR05A-BL-STPG/SRB Replica Watch

Brand Bell & Ross



Movement Automatic

Case rose gold,stainless steel

Diameter 40 mm

Gender Men

Bracelet rubber

Watch Clasp folding. Satin-polished steel

Glass Sapphire Crystal

Dial Color black

FUNCTIONS hours, minutes, seconds and date

Water resistant 100 m

Year 2020