We are proud to announce that copy Franck Muller, another top Swiss watch brand, has been added to our watch collection. We believe that Franck Muller will provide exquisite, whimsical watches with some of the latest trends in the industry. We are happy to provide our customers and watch connoisseurs with such a vibrant brand.

About Frank Muller
Franck Muller timepieces are characterized by complex movements and novel and bold designs. After several years of studying at the Geneva Watchmaking School, it is clear that Mueller has a real talent in the art of watchmaking. He hone his skills by recovering cheap swiss watches from design companies and collectors around the world. In 1983, Muller released his first watch, which included a movement he made himself. One of his greatest achievements in his youth was to put the tourbillon movement into a Rolex watch. When Muller met Vartan Sirmakes, a superb jeweler who turned to watch-making enthusiasts, the brand has become what it is today. Since its inception, fans of the brand include Sir Elton John and Versace. According to the brand representative, it was Versace who promoted the Franck Muller name because he owns hundreds of timepieces and recommends the brand to the entire fashion industry.

About design
Most Franck Muller watches have a dynamic curved case called the “Cintree Curvex” case. At the beginning of their birth, round shells and some rectangular shells bombed the market. It was the Curvex case that made Muller unique in the industry. The Curvex model has a curved case, crystal and movement, which fits the wrist perfectly. The curved shape and dial design are part of the brand identity.

Popular Frank Muller Models
In these series, there are elegant and sporty timepieces for men and women. Men’s collections include Cintree Curvex, Long Island, Master Square, Round and Vanguard. The ladies series include Cintree Curvex, Galet, Heart, Infinity, Long Island, Master Square, Round and Vanguard Lady. Aeternitas, Revolution, Pioneer Tourbillon Minute Repeater, Gravity Skeleton, Giga Tourbillon, Fast Tourbillon and Perpetual Calendar constitute the complications of Franck Muller. The Vanguard series represents the latest models of the entire brand.