new Breitling Chronomat B01 42

Breitling Chronomat replica occupies a special place in the hearts of watch lovers around the world. This watch symbolizes mechanical superiority and superb watchmaking ability. It was first released in 1984. In that era, ultra-thin quartz clocks were the hottest thing on the market. Breitling has a different idea. The Swiss watchmaker took the boldest move and released an impressive mechanical watch. This Chronomat watch proved to be a winner and eventually became the thing that people associate with that era.

New Breitling Men’s Chronograph
With a history of more than 40 years, Chronomat doesn’t seem to want to hang up its well-known boots. The brand new Breitling Chronomat is about to come out. This watch will completely attract a new generation of watch fans and enthusiasts. The new timepiece is designed to project an aura of purpose, action, and of course style.

For those who don’t know, Breitling Chronomat is a true multifunctional sports watch. The watch can be used on the red carpet, in formal board meetings, and in occasional family gatherings. In 1984, Chronomat marked the glorious return of Breitling as a master of mechanical chronographs, which is the entire reputation of the Swiss watchmaker.

What does Chronomat stand for?
The Chronomat name is a wonderful combination of the terms “Chrono” and “Automatic” and “Matic”. Since its introduction in 1984, this watch has been the best in the Breitling watch catalog. Please note that this is an era when Japanese quartz movements have caused great damage to the mechanical watch industry, and the release of mechanical watches is considered a serious mistake. However, Chronomat proved otherwise.

what is new?
Breitling Chronomat’s 2020 series particularly emphasizes the B01 series. There are multiple identical variants to choose from. All these new watches carry the Manufacture Calibre 01, which happened to make its debut with Chronomat 01 ten years ago. Calibre01, because you may now be a wonderful movement with a 70-hour power reserve.

In terms of design, the new Chronomat successfully retained the soul of the series’ DNA. For example, the watch continues the tradition of the quarter-hour mark (12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock) of the rider label. They have both aesthetic and functional purposes. The idea is to provide extra grip for watch users, so even if the user is wearing gloves, rotating the bezel is not a big deal.

This watch is water resistant up to 200 meters and is equipped with Super-LumiNova to improve readability.

what’s the difference?
Despite the similarities in design, these watches did undergo some changes. For example, the size of the watch case has shrunk from 44 mm in the past to 42 mm. Another major aesthetic adjustment is the change of the bracelet. The earlier Chronomat has a “pilot style” bracelet, while the new 2020 Chronomat has a “Rouleaux style” bracelet. This kind of bracelet appeared for the last time in the watchmaker’s Windrider collection.

In-depth details
Chronomat B01 42-Full production model
Let’s start with the model Breitling Chronomat B01 42 in full production. The watch has silver, copper, blue and black dial colors. The first three dials have a black chronograph, while the black dial has a silver chronograph.

Chronomat B01 42 – Bentley Edition
Next is the Chronomat Bentley limited edition. The Swiss watchmaker once again joined hands with Bentley’s long-term criminal partner and released a limited edition Timpeeice. The Chronomat Bentley Edition has a green dial with a black chronograph. It has the same stainless steel body and a Rouleaux steel bracelet with the words “BENTLEY” engraved on the case back.

Chronomat B01 42 – Frecce Tricolori
Ranked third is the commemorative reference, inspired by the Frecce Tricolori watch in 1983, and laid a complete path for future Chronomat watches. The limited edition will provide 250 pieces. This watch will be equipped with a blue dial, tone on the tuner and Frecce Tricolori logo in the usual position near 12 o’clock in place of the Breitling logo.

Chronomat B01 42 – 18-K rose gold and stainless steel
Now, let’s talk about the more luxurious references in the 2020 new Chronomat watches. Breitling offers something for those looking for a bit of luxury in a watch to set themselves apart. The brand offers B01 Chronomat 42 mm in 18-carat rose gold. In this model, the crown, buttons and rider tab are refined from 18-carat rose gold. The dial is silver and has a beep on the chronograph timer.

The other two variants of the watch have a blue dial and a tone on the tone register, and an anthracite dial with a black register. The bezels of these models are also refined in 18-carat rose gold. The Rouleaux bracelet in these two variants is also two tones.

Chronomat B01 42 – 18-K rose gold case and rubber strap
Finally, if you claim to be a purist and don’t like anything other than gold, best Breitling will offer you 2020 B01 Chronomat 42. This case is equipped with an 18-carat rose gold case with a black rubber strap and an 18-carat rose gold folding clasp. This timepiece offers an anthracite dial with black chronograph subdials.