Sapphire case is popular, thank you RM and Hublot?

Two days ago, Philippine Dong posted his Richard Mille RM 52-05 on social networking sites, an RM watch that is cooler than that skull.

Philippine Dong is Richard Mille’s partner. RM 52-05 was personally designed by Philippine Dong: The astronaut’s mask reflects the landform of Mars and the blue earth in the boundless universe, inspired by the space dream of Philip Dong when he was a child, RM It is realized with gold carving, enamel and other crafts.

Philippine Dong’s new watch, RM 52-05 sapphire model

However, the watch worn by Philippine Dong this time is not an old one two years ago, but a new product equipped with a transparent sapphire case. The transparent sapphire case seems to be absent, which better highlights the astronauts and the golden hour markers. .

The trendy Philippine Dong also specially matched the watch with his own designed orange Adi sneakers, and the cool antique watch collector John Goldberger also came to praise the new generation of players.

It is undeniable that fashion watches with sapphire cases are expensive, but sapphire cases have become more and more popular in the fine watchmaking industry in recent years, and the degree of attention has increased.

Millennials and Generation Z have gradually controlled the world’s right to speak through the mobile Internet. Their tastes and individual pursuits have affected fashion and popular styles. Pioneer watch brands such as Richard Mille and Hublot have been in line with this generation. Young people achieve each other.

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The sapphire case material has become the regular product line of Hublot and Richard Mille. The colorless and colorful transparent case is very eye-catching, plus the modern open face design and hollow movement structure of the two brands. The transparent effect is more obvious, showing a completely different wearing effect from traditional watches.

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Hublot launched the latest Big Bang tourbillon automatic winding orange sapphire watch in 2021. The main board, bridge and other materials have been changed to transparent sapphire material, and the watch is almost completely transparent.

Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire Watch

And Richard Mille’s RM 56-02 and other models that use a steel cable suspension movement have eliminated all unnecessary bridges. The movement is suspended in the center of the case with open surroundings, which is especially suitable for the transparent sapphire case. The overall visual effect.

Richard Mille RM 56-02 Sapphire

In addition to Hublot and Richard Mille, some new players such as long-standing traditional brands and independent watchmaker brands have also joined the ranks of sapphire case watches, providing more choices for this market.

GP Girard-Perregaux launched the Quasar series of watches with its new Golden Bridge models, which are similar to Hublot and replica Richard Mille. The entire movement has been hollowed out, especially the three hollowed out new bridges, which are transparent watches. Great bonus. Quasar Light watch, Quasar blue sapphire watch, Quasar transparent sapphire watch.