Patek Philippe second-generation 5270G perpetual calendar chronograph

Controversial or coveted: Patek Philippe second-generation 5270G perpetual calendar chronograph

The perpetual calendar chronograph is Patek Philippe’s flagship complex watch. Patek Philippe invented the combination of perpetual calendar and chronograph complication, numbered 1518. Mr. Stern himself thinks this is a breakthrough in watches. This model is Patek Philippe’s first product and ushered in a new era in the watchmaking industry, as it will become the industry’s first mass-produced complex watch-previously, this complex watch was commissioned. This created the legend of Patek Philippe. Until today, Patek Philippe produced the best perpetual calendar chronograph on the market, and it also triggered our topic-Patek Philippe 5270G-013. The Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph occupies a pivotal position in the watchmaking industry, and it appears on the cover of auction catalogs more than any other timepiece. Hell, this is also the cover photo of the blog you are reading now.

Today we will pay special attention to the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 5270G-013, which is the second generation of the modern reference number 5270. 5270 not only carries the torch of this legendary group, but also claims to be one of the most important models of this watch. The perpetual calendar chronograph series since 1518. This is the first movement designed and manufactured inside the 29-535PSQ movement.

The 29-535PSQ is perfectly completed and has reached 70 years of experience. It is one of the best perpetual calendar chronograph movements ever. This advanced engineering technology brings you a great sense of comfort, so that the wearer can see the moon phase, leap year display, am/pm display, hours, seconds, minutes and chronograph time, the longest does not exceed 30 minutes, and the shortest can be up to a fifth of a second. second. In a fraction of a second, you can measure and read everything with just one tap.

The 41 mm case (this is the largest case Patek Philippe uses for the perpetual calendar chronograph), with a strong sense of architecture and segmentation. The concave bezel is a detail you don’t often see, and here it has the effect of placing crystals on the step stool. However, the outstanding details are the sharp angled ears. Their shapes are obviously different, protruding from the case like the gargoyles in Gothic architecture, giving the watch a confident, almost radical appearance. The white gold case and the milky white dial are very beautiful. Although not as fashionable as the blue dial, I think this version is more classic and I like it better.

The movement and case are shared on all 5270s, but some of the main differences of 5270G-013 are different. After two years of production from 2013 to 2015, this short-lived second-generation reference 5270 has collection value and caused controversy. The controversy stems from the way the tachymeter scale is implemented. Although the entire speedometer is missing from the first-generation 5270, its appearance and function have always been the topic of debate in the debate, and the hidden “chin” is called “chin” at six o’clock.

Although some people complain about the chin based on appearance, others believe that it also hurts the watch functionally, because if someone stops it between 27 and 33 seconds, it is difficult to accurately time the clock. Personally, I think it is cute and makes the dial more interesting. Similarly, although it may be difficult to tell the exact time between 27 and 33 seconds, it is not impossible to use the second-generation 5270, but it is true on the first and third-generation models of “chinless”.

Some of the less controversial updates include updating the hands and time scales from black oxide gold to platinum. Matching the hands and hour markers to the material of the case is the right move, and I think this further cements the timeless appearance of the watch. In addition, we also saw smaller and more elegant Patek Philippe logos and hidden subdials, which now include rail scales. In general, I like the second-generation update more than the first-generation chin.

As always, the most subtle details that determine success or failure, the final decision is a personal decision. Despite the differences, I think this opaque dial 5270G-013 has all the qualities of the future holy grail. With this watch, you will see a version of Patek Philippe’s flagship timepiece. The Shopping fake watch was produced in a short period of time. Its design features aroused fierce debate among watch fans and has its own nickname “Chef’s Kiss “. I can’t think of a better recipe to make collectible watches.