Jacobs & Co Astronomy

Experience first-hand astronomy from fake Jacobs & Co Astronomy Company In a more dazzling version of the original luxury, the Jacob and Company Astronomy Sky is an exotic, three-dimensional display using time and astronomical indications.

Although the American jeweler is known for his jewelry’s multi-time zone time zone watch, but has little interest in technology, but Astronomia Sky is a mechanically intriguing timepiece, a complication expert founded by Luca Soprana and Christophe Naudin Manufactured by Ateliers 7h38. In fact, all objects visible in front of the astronomer’s observatory move at a rate of one revolution per minute and one revolution per year.

The blue titanium dial at the bottom of the face rotates once a year, roughly representing sidereal time, which is the time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun.Astronomy Sky

Above the blue dial is a gilded oval that moves over the constellations and stars, showing the part of the sky visible from the northern hemisphere at that time. The edge of the blue dial is the month indicator of the perpetual calendar.

The globe in the center is a titanium alloy paint finish, which can be used as a day and night indicator. Four arms extend from the central axis, and each arm carries a different part of the mechanical device. The central axis revolves around the dial every 20 minutes, so that the entire mechanism moves with it.

The hours and minutes are located on a sub-dial mounted on the third robotic arm, which also contains a differential system. This ensures that the sub-dial is always aligned vertically with respect to the dial, even if the central axis rotates it for 20 minutes.

Opposite the time display is a three-axis tourbillon, which has two cages that rotate for 60 seconds and 5 minutes, respectively. The final axis is the central axis rotation for 20 minutes. fashion fake watches

The other arm has an “orbital second hand”, which is actually a satellite-like wheel-shaped second hand. The other end of the arm is connected to an orange sapphire weighing 1 carat, which also rotates once per second.

The size of the display means that the watch is huge, 47 mm in diameter and 25 mm thick, but it can provide a panoramic view of the movement. Since the rose gold case is more of a frame with large sapphire glass windows, the movement can be seen from all sides.

There is a pair of pull tabs on the back, and each pull tab controls winding and settings. When the wind is full, the watch will run for 60 hours. whole-watches-discount.com