Richard Mille racing team will strengthen in 2021

The new season, a new challenge for cheap Richard Mille Team! After winning the top ten of the European Le Mans Series in a promising rookie campaign, the all-women trio sponsored by the watchmaker will now participate in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship.

The Richard Mille racing team is ready to emerge in 2020. This is the outstanding performance of one of the most competitive championships in the world and the outstanding performance in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Richard ·Miller (Richard Mille) racing team is preparing to hit the road again in 2021!

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) racing team has been seeking to promote the highest level of female talent at the highest level with the support of the FIA. This year, it will face Beitske Visser and Sophia Flo. Sophia Flörsch and Tatiana Calderón are full of confidence.

These three drivers have honed their skills in the world of single-seater racing and are the most promising people today. From day one, Tatiana Calderón and Sophia Flörsch are members of this plan, and they have demonstrated their fighting spirit in all competitions. The 27-year-old Colombian was a test driver for Alfa Romeo F1 and participated in the super-competitive Japanese Super Formula Championship, while the 20-year-old German Flörsh enjoyed high in every category. Reputation has entered. The 25-year-old Beitske Visser from the Netherlands is the champion of the trio. He is the champion of the GT competition and the runner-up of the all-female W series.

The riders participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 4 Hours of Monza and Portimão, and they proved that they will not retreat to the final endurance championship. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) racing team is still in the LMP2 category (for private teams only), it will take a step forward to the European stage.

Tatiana Calderón said: “I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue participating in the Richard Mille racing team.” “Participating in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship with the best drivers in the world The competition is definitely another milestone in our career.”

“I really look forward to joining the Richard Mille Racing Team in 2021”, Beitske Visser added. ‘Last year was very crazy, between Covid-19 and my overtime late in the season, but I really enjoyed working with everyone on the team. I hope we can continue to accumulate experience while participating in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship this year. ’

Beitske Visser, Sophia Flörsch and Tatiana Calderón will once again share the most advanced mechanical partner, the Oreca 07 powered by Gibson engines, which is a software package they have fully understood last season. However, due to the rule changes introduced in winter, all three models must be different from the first prototype.

Tatiana Calderón said: “This year will bring new challenges.” ‘The power of this car will be reduced a bit, and it will run on Goodyear tires. We will have to explore this car in testing as soon as possible, but in any case, the experience we gained last year will benefit us. ’

“The changes are mainly about engine power and tires, which we have to get used to,” Beitske Visser explained. ‘I believe the team will help us understand and make full use of these tires as soon as possible to experience a good season! “

As in 2020, the technical support of the first Oreca-Gibson was entrusted to Philippe Sinault’s Signatech team, which won two LMP2 world championships and won three wins in the last five editions of the calendar: 24-hour endurance Race Le Mans.

‘We are very happy to continue the adventure of fashon Richard Mille Racing Team! Philippe Sinault, Director of Signatech Automotive, said that this is an extremely motivating project because it transcends the realm of sports by generating a lot of emotion and passion. ‘We have taken a big step towards participating in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship, but given the skills and learning abilities of our three drivers, we are confident in this. Considering the changes in the rules of LMP2, there will be some new things to be solved, especially the adoption of new packages and a different operational balance from last year, but we have great ambitions. We have all seen that a huge momentum is forming within the team, which prompts us to work harder to pursue the best results. ’

Sophia Flörsch added: “It’s incredible to have a team like Signatech and we have experienced engineers and mechanics behind us.” “For us, as endurance rookies, it became easy in our first season. Much. All of us got along very well and enjoyed a lot, especially in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. We are now about to start the second year of this project. As we continue to move forward, I am very happy to be a member of the Richard Mille racing team again. We will arrange incredible activities and wonderful moments in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. I really hope we can see some viewers this year, and we look forward to the start of this season. ’

The Richard Mille racing team will start the campaign at Sebring in the United States with a six-legged calendar, and then return to Europe to participate in three events on the legendary circuit, including “Spa-Francorchamps 6 hours” “Endurance Race”, “Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance Race” and “6 Hours Endurance Race” Monza. A trio owned by women will travel to Asia in the early autumn to participate in Fuji’s 6-hour race, and then participate in the finals of the season in Bahrain’s 8 Hour game.

“I hope we can accumulate experience in this year’s FIA World Endurance Championship,” said Betsche Wieser. ‘We will go to a new track, which is a good thing because I always like to discover new tracks, but we will also return to Monza, especially back to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which will be very cool ! “

Tatiana Calderón (Tatiana Calderón) concluded: “We already know cars and some tracks. “However, given the situation the world is going through, we will also have to travel abroad more frequently, which will be a Challenge. I hope we can continue to improve, establish a strong connection with the team and achieve results. I am already looking forward to it!’