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A detailed review of HYT H3 includes real-time pictures, specifications and prices.

In life, we are taught to obey social norms. There are recognized ways of eating, meeting for the first time and participating in specific sports. We have known since childhood what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Indeed, this respect for the rules preserves order.

We have other areas in our lives that seek to integrate and follow social norms. For example, we have become accustomed to expecting a car to have four wheels. When a car has three or six wheels, they become a source of jokes and entertainment. Similarly, watches are usually round and use hands for timing. Many watchmakers who deviate from this strategy have produced timepieces that lack cohesive design. Indeed, adventure is not for the faint-hearted.

HYT is a company that is obviously not afraid of taking risks and deviating from the norm. It redefines our concept of saying time with H1 watches. This watch avoids an hour hand and uses two liquids to help announce the time. It broke the rules and put aside the compliance with watch standards.

For H3, the basic concept of H1 has been accepted, but other risks have been taken. The circle is discarded. Time no longer follows a circular trajectory, but travels along a straight line. The brand even asked customers: “Can we still use the term “clock” to describe it?” I recently pondered this question when dealing with the towering HYT H3 tour.

Like H1 and H2, two bellows pumps move liquid in and out of two storage tanks. Although in the case of H3, the bellows pumps are arranged along a horizontal plane and face each other. Straight glass capillaries span the width of the housing and contain yellow-green liquid.

The meniscus formed between the yellow-green liquid and the colorless liquid corresponds to the main time, similar to H1 and H2. However, unlike the following models with circular scales, H3 uses a linear scale composed of a rotating cuboid.

Six rectangular parallelepipeds are installed on a common shaft. HYT calls this arrangement a “rotating dial”. Once the colored liquid has moved completely to the right, it will return to the left. Retrograde movement occurs every 6 hours. The energy stored in the H3 bellows provides energy for the “semi-instantaneous” rotating “turntable”. There are 24 cuboids on the rotating dial, and each cuboid represents one hour.

The minutes are displayed on a clear linear scale. The red “articulated” arm moves from left to right, announcing the minutes in absolute clarity. Indeed, although H3 has a newer design, it is still a model of readability and is very intuitive to use.

Use the buttons on the left side of the case to set the hours. Each depression of the pushing member advances the rotary dial by 90°. The traditional crown is installed on the right side of the case and is used to set the minutes and the winding movement. The assembly of buttons makes hourly adjustments a quick and user-friendly experience. There is a “crown position indicator” in the lower right corner of the dial.

The case is made of charcoal gray PVD coated titanium and platinum. This seems to be an unusual mix, because one metal is particularly light, while the other precious metal is particularly dense. However, the final timepiece is a harmonious ensemble, with no signs of disharmony.

The size of H3 is 62mm x 41mm and the case height is 16mm. It is a wholesale watches behemoth. Its technical complexity determines its remarkable scale. Personally, I find that the watch is too big for the wrist. However, for some potential buyers, the size of H3 will not prove an obstacle to ownership, and its size may be considered an attribute.

The numerous contours of the domed sapphire crystal are incredible. The bottom cover made of titanium allows one to see the bellows pump, large wheels and power reserve indicator.


HYT swiss once again turned to APRP (Audemars Piguet Renaud and Papi) to assist in the H3 movement (APRP had previously assisted HYT in H2). Le Locle’s movement experts never stop with its rare mechanical ingenuity and unparalleled exquisite craftsmanship.

Despite the modern feel of the H3 movement, traditional craftsmanship is still obvious. The micro-sprayed charcoal gray PVD coated titanium bridge has a titanium-colored satin finish and a rhodium-plated bellows.

The manual winding movement is displayed on the side of the dial of the balance wheel. The frequency of the balance is 21,600 VpH (3 Hz). The movement contains 53 jewels, and a 170-hour power reserve is provided by the double barrel.

I commend the watches made by HYT that can walk on pristine snow and provide a lot of innovation and craftsmanship. Indeed, no one can accuse HYT of stealing, and the originality of H3 is obvious.

The dial is extremely creative, but not at the expense of readability. The rotating dial and retrograde minutes provide a unique atmosphere and a great sense of timing. In addition, the dial has a high practicality, and each indication is easy to recognize.

The case is an interesting combination of titanium and platinum. It looks beautiful, different from traditional watches.

HYT cooperates with APRP to power the manual winding movement of H3. Facts have proved that this decision is logical. APRP has a reputation for impeccable exquisite craftsmanship with its superb movement. In addition, APRP has repeatedly demonstrated its innovative capabilities and won praise from the watch industry.

‘Can we still use the term “clock” to describe it?

H3 will certainly waste time, but it will not follow the norms. In fact, it redefines our expectations of watches. However, in my opinion, “clocks and watches” is a suitable term for H3, because throughout the age, creative people are seeking to question conventions, break rules and set aside norms. H3 completed all of these tasks, thus providing a compelling example for the luxury watch industry.

Technical index

Model: HYT H3
Case: Titanium and Platinum; size 62mm x 41mm; height 16mm; sapphire crystal glass front and back cover; water resistance = 3ATM (30m).
Functions: retrograde hours; retrograde minutes; crown position indicator; power reserve indicator
Movement: HYT movement, manual winding movement; frequency 21,600 vph (3Hz), 53 jewels; power reserve 170 hours
Strap: black alligator leather strap with PVD coated titanium alloy buckle.