Greubel Forsey GMT watch in platinum

In 2011, Greubel Forsey, with their innovative GMT watches, created a whirlwind of innovation in GMT timepieces in terms of technology, aesthetics and practicality. Equipped with a high-precision tourbillon movement that tilts at 25 degrees and rotates at a high speed of 24 seconds per revolution, the Gaupe Fortune GMT watch was replaced with a new platinum dress in 2014, showing another image.

GMT is the abbreviation of Greenwich Mean Time, that is, Greenwich Mean Time, which is the meridian reference time, and refers to the second time zone indicator in watchmaking technology. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey, full of exploration spirit, broke through the traditional way of using display windows or hands to display the time zone. They set up a small globe in the watch, which rotates counterclockwise every 24 hours according to the actual rotation direction of the earth. Show the world time.

This small globe can display various time zones in real time, with the North Pole as the center point, and you can easily know the time around the world at a glance. If it is noon in the UK, Rome and Geneva have just begun the afternoon; when the east coast of the United States is about to wake up in the early morning sun, the east is still sleeping in the dark shadows… the first impression of this design is like It is a poetic journey to the earth. Koppelfort GMT is not only a simple watch, it is also a portable map.

Almost the entire southern hemisphere can be seen from the window on the side of the case. The earth “in flight” is cleverly fixed at one end of the axis of rotation-“South Pole”, so the South Pole is not displayed on the small globe. Goldberg chose the material of titanium metal, and carved the shape of each continent on the blue three-dimensional ball accurately and proportionally to create this small globe.

In terms of dial design, the eye-catching small globe made of titanium is located at 8 o’clock, showing the time of the world, and at 5 o’clock is a 24-second tourbillon, with the tourbillon structure at a glance. The 1 o’clock position of the platinum case is the third important part, and the basic time information is displayed in the upper half of the dial side. In addition, there is a second time zone sub-dial at 10 o’clock on the dial, a small seconds sub-dial at 2 o’clock, and a power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock.

Flipping the GMT watch, you can find a perfectly processed “World Time” case back chassis, engraved with the names of 24 cities, representing different time zones around the world. The time of each city and related area corresponds to the outer circle of the scale, and the inner circle of the scale shows the cities with daylight saving time.

GMT watches have the most famous high-end exquisite processing technology and attention to detail quality assurance. The use of traditional manual processing techniques, including graining, chamfering, polishing, grinding, sanding and flat black polishing, is a beautiful demonstration of excellence. The arched sapphire crystal glass, the case back and the small windows on the side are all made of sapphire. Hand-stitched black alligator strap with platinum folding clasp. Exquisite craftsmanship and technology are all in this table.

The GMT movement has two barrels, provides 72 hours of power reserve, and has a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour. The movement contains 443 components. The 24-second escapement tourbillon tilted 25 degrees contains 87 components and weighs 0.36 grams. In addition to the precise timeliness and reliability of the watch, this escapement is compact, with a movement diameter of only 36.40 mm. Therefore, the diameter of the case is only 43.5 mm and the thickness is 16.14 mm. The case is made of 950 platinum, which is slightly lighter than the previous platinum model. Review best watch