Harry Winston-Historical Tourbillon 6

Designed to show Harry Winston‘s constant pursuit of innovation, Histoire de Tourbillon series watches are a series of highly complex limited edition timepieces dedicated to the craftsmanship of the tourbillon.

The new Histoire de Tourbillon 6 is the sixth model in the series and the most complicated one.

The patented HW4701 movement combines two independent hour displays: one is adjusted by a three-axis tourbillon and the other is adjusted by a dial.

Both the turntable and the tourbillon work in a similar way and have the same excellent precision grade quality.

The movement surrounds a large movement (55 mm x 49 mm from the edge of the bezel to the edge, 64 mm from the crown to the crown) and is refined with high palladium and platinum alloys, forming a truly unique design. The height of the tourbillon (including the domed sapphire crystal) is 21.80 mm.

The Histoire de Tourbillon 6 movement consists of two separate parts. The hours and minutes are displayed on the left, adjusted by a three-axis tourbillon. They can be identified by color coding-orange, gray background-and housed in the round bump of the housing.

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The right side of the watch features blue hands and markings on a black background. Its dial has pointers that can be started, stopped and reset at will. The blue ceramic button at 2 o’clock starts to measure the elapsed hours and minutes like a chronograph. This function can also drive a dual time display, which can be adjusted by the crown at 3 o’clock.

The three-axis tourbillon can perform three-dimensional movement through three interconnected cages. The first carries the balance wheel, which spins once every 45 seconds. It rotates in the second cage and rotates along its vertical axis for 75 seconds. Then the two cages are placed in the third spherical cage to move, and the cage completes its own rotation within 300 seconds. The cage also has an orange seconds hand. The tourbillon alone requires 141 parts and weighs only 1.85 grams.

By default, the carousel at 1 o’clock will stop. When starting to use the blue pusher, it acts as a regulator for the independent part of the HW4701 movement on the right, rotating within 30 seconds. Harry Winston Opus 12

The balance wheel of the merry-go-round and its holder are connected to the energy source of the movement. Even if the movement is stopped, they are still in tension and can be accelerated immediately when released.

The movement on the right can replicate the functions of a single-button chronograph. In addition, the hands can be adjusted by the crown at three o’clock to provide dual time zone display, and can even represent offset time zones, such as India (UTC +5:30), Caracas (UTC – 4:30) or Kathmandu (UTC + 5:45).

The complete movement is composed of 683 parts, and has two sets of double fast rotating coaxial barrels (equipped with sliding springs to avoid excessive tension) to ensure a power reserve of 80 hours and 70 hours for the three-axis tourbillon Hours of power reserve. Carousel. Both balance wheels beat at 21,600 vibrations (3 Hz) per hour.

The main board and bridge that form the structure of the movement are made of titanium, which is a lightweight metal. buy watches online