Breguet selects masterpieces of watches and encounters the beautiful Qixi Festival

In the dimension of love, time is given a deeper meaning. As the years are baptized, every period of time is a texture and becomes our unique love background. On the Qixi Festival, the moment of love, the Swiss distinguished watch brand Breguet presents timepieces that demonstrate the ultimate craftsmanship and rich in aesthetic design, witnessing the eternal beauty in the name of time, and continuing to write a happy time full of endless affection.

Tradition handed down series 7097 automatic retrograde seconds watch and 7038 ladies watch

The quiet and profound classic blue meets the bright bright orange, the romantic surging, colliding with a sultry spark, one by one, showing a harmonious beauty; the charming mechanical structure abruptly on the dial, the gear fits the full display of forward-looking technology and The unique charm of the design.

The Tradition series 7097 automatic retrograde second hand watch is inspired by the single-hand pocket watch pioneered in 1796 by Mr. Breguet, the “father of modern clocks and watchmaking” with great watchmaking talent. The front of the dial can fully present the mechanical structure of the movement’s main board, the bridge structure is balanced and symmetrical, and the visual effect of mirroring is exquisitely presented, giving a glimpse of the beauty of the movement.

While inheriting the traditional aesthetics of craftsmanship, this watch also applies the most cutting-edge technology to the movement to ensure extreme stability of travel time. The new work of the Tradition series 7038 ladies watch perfectly combines the beauty of Zoran’s mechanical design and the unique charm of graceful feminine charm.

The stunning orange leather strap becomes the finishing touch to the design of this watch. It contrasts with the bezel inlaid with brilliant diamonds. A cambered ruby ​​dotted on the crown makes this best replica watch site more precious and beautiful. In order to highlight the beauty that has been passed down from generation to generation, you can know it at a glance.

Marine nautical series 5547 music alarm watch and 9518 ladies watch

Show each other’s emotions with surging tides, no matter where you are, you will always read the vastness of the world. In addition to the alarm function, the Marine 5547 Musical Alarm Watch also has a date display and a second time zone display function. The case made of white gold is matched with a gold blue dial with a hand-engraved original wave pattern guilloche pattern, which outlines the calmness and elegance of a man on the wrist.

The watch is equipped with a white gold bracelet. The first link of the bracelet is directly connected with the case to form a whole, extending the smooth lines of the watch to the wrist, providing excellent comfort for the wearer. Breguet is well versed in the essence of engraving craftsmanship. The master craftsman of the brand has developed original tidal decorations for the Marine nautical series 9518 ladies’ watch with super-high skill and years of experience. This complex craft is vividly presented on the mother-of-pearl dial. In the radiant light of the light blue mother-of-pearl, the flow of time is slowly sculpted, and Breguet’s century-old eternal unique aesthetics can be explored in the delicate and full-textured texture.

Classique classic series 7337 watch and Reine de Naples queen of Naples series 8908 watch

The Zhizhen watch expresses romance with the moon phase dial, and the star is moving, just for the sincere companionship at all times; the guilloché engraved eccentric dial design integrates the ingenuity into the minute and second operation, expressing only mutual satisfaction. The Breguet Classique 7337 watch is innovatively designed with a unique and simple style, deducing the essence of Breguet style. The modern gentleman’s style is fixed on the wrist without losing the simple and introverted style. The dial is hand-engraved with guilloché engraving, giving it a refined three-dimensional texture, which is the purest Breguet style.

The Reine de Naples Queen of Naples Series 8908 watch vividly interprets the feminine temperament with soft rose gold material. The most beautiful timepieces exquisitely interpret the main features of the first known wristwatch created by Mr. Breguet: the watch adopts an off-center dial design; the 12 o’clock position is equipped with a power reserve and moon phase profit and loss display function; the dial is partially decorated Made from natural Tahitian mother-of-pearl. The brilliant diamonds adopt extremely strict and complicated inlay craftsmanship and extremely exquisite detailed design, and are presented to the beloved as a “Queen Exclusive” watch, and use time to swear love.

Classique Classic Series 5317 Tourbillon Watch and 3358 Tourbillon Watch

The works of superb timepieces build the bridge of love on the Qixi Festival with highly aesthetic layout design, complicated functions, and ingenious craftsmanship, making time a testimony of unchanging promises. Breguet Classique Classic Series 5317 watches follow the original intention of Mr. Breguet inventing the tourbillon, equipped with the most stable 60-second traditional tourbillon, awakening its inherent unique charm with the pure blood of history.

The case is made of platinum, the dial is decorated with a hand-engraved guilloche pattern, and the power reserve display dial is symmetrically arranged with the tourbillon, and the art of time is carefully carved with the unique aesthetic characteristics of Breguet. The exquisite movement is polished by hand and can be seen through the transparent back cover.

The case of Breguet Classique 3358 is made of white gold. The bezel and lugs are set with 74 diamonds, which are dazzling. The digital hour markers in the middle of the dial are made of natural mother-of-pearl, and are also hand-engraved with guilloche patterns, which contrast with the tourbillon layout at six o’clock. The two tourbillons revolve around the clock, interpreting the tacit understanding of the heart and mind, revealing the deep affection on the wrist, conveying the ultimate love, and confirming the eternal oath. best fake watches