URWERK UR-105M control board pictures provided by URWERK

I generally don’t tend to write articles about Urwerk because it is feasible in terms of design and functionality. For all intensive uses, Urwerk is like a Lamborghini or Bugatti watch. They are innovative, complex, delicate but bloody expensive!

The design and function of NEW URWERK UR-105M fascinated me. This watch has a 39 X 53 mm case made of titanium, which is reinforced by stainless steel and has extremely high durability and strength. The inspiration and design of this watch came from the Middle Ages. Knights in shiny armor risked their lives to seek honor and glory. Only faith and shields can protect themselves.

In the words of Martin Frei of URWERK,

“The outer shell of UR-105M was developed as armor. The visible screws on the bezel not only give the watch a unique aesthetic, but also nail the steel armor to its titanium watch body. The protective cover protects the mechanical device (the watch’s Heart) from external aggression.

When we reach the center, we will see how slowly the four satellites orbit. Each of these satellites is visible during a 60-minute journey on the minute scale. A round PEEK (PolyEtherEthercetone) roof with an opening can increase the current time. After an hour passed, the satellite guided by the Geneva Cross rotated and orbited for three hours, then returned to the center stage. After completing the indication, the running seconds and power reserve are displayed laterally on the strap.

The functions of this watch include: hours, minutes, and 10 seconds on the front of the watch, a power reserve indicator on the back of the watch or the back of the control panel, an oil change indicator, and a timing adjustment screw. The oil change indicator is very useful because sometimes we do not know when the watch needs to be repaired. The timing adjustment screw allows you to adjust the watch’s timing by rotating the watch left or right, depending on whether the time increases or decreases.

Technical specifications of URWERK UR-105M

The shell is titanium and steel, or titanium and AITin-treated steel, with a size of 39.5mm x 53mm. 16.6 mm

Crystal-AR-plated sapphire crystal

Water resistance – 30 meters.

Surface treatment includes sandblasted bezel; round texture; vertical texture or AITiN sandblasted bezel treatment.

Movement-Swiss manual winding URWERK UR5.01 movement, equipped with 38 jewels, 28,800 vph and 42 hours of power reserve. The satellite time is driven by the bronze beryllium Geneva cross, and the orbital structure is completed in PEEK (polyetheretherketone). The carousel and the three main boards are made of brass and have a nickel skeleton second hand display (LIGA process). The seconds display and lateral power reserve are made of aluminum. It has Perlage and sand blasting treatment, and has countersunk head screws.best replica

Although there are some good examples, they have unconventional timing methods, but most of them are limited to the use of LEDs, dots or other fancy methods. Since its invention, traditional mechanical watches have not changed much. Recently, we have been making tremendous efforts to create innovative mechanical watches, and the mechanical complexity of these watches is much more complicated than ever. The world of high-end watches is not new, and Urwerk, based in Geneva, has launched the UR103 Hexagon. Its time display function is similar to that of Blackbird, which we introduced earlier. However, there are major differences in their aesthetics, including the shape of the crystal and the case. The Hexagon is packed in “Black Platinum” (PE-CVD) and measures 50mm x 36mm x 13.mm – not small watches. It has a 43-hour power reserve and a very unique control panel on the back that allows users to make adjustments (adjustments) and monitor the power reserve and even the timer.fake watches for sale