Tudor Black Bay watch review

The amazing replica Tudor has been on the legacy/old-fashioned train for replacement for nearly ten years. With the release of Heritage Chronograph in 2010, and the original (ETA powered) Black Bay two years later, we have seen a dramatic revival of a brand that has long lived in the shadow of Brother Rolex. Since then, Tudor has invested a lot of energy in developing the Black Bay Railway; some may say that other models in its catalog are inadequate.

However, it is indisputable that they have become a fixture in the field of modern luxury watches. With the addition of an internal COSC-certified movement, Black Bay has entered its own space-no longer appearing on paper, which is an obvious compromise on the way to buying an actual Rolex. The 2018 Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show brought us the brand new Tudor Black Bay 58, which “remade” the watch at a completely different scale and adopted a new movement to commemorate the legendary release of 1958 Tudor 7924 Oyster Prince Submariner-This watch is the follow-up product of the 7922 launched in 1954-Tudor’s first dive copy watches online shop.

The biggest change from the original Black Bays series to the new 58 series is size. We increased from 41mm to 39mm, from ~14.8mm to ~12.01mm, and from 22mm lugs to 20mm. In this way, the watch feels… correct. I always find that the original Black Bays case is a little thin on the sides, there is a lot of polished steel on both sides of the case, and the Black Bay 58 embraces the wrist in a comfortable and proportional manner-that is, the watch does not feel tall or heavy. The drape of the wrist is also very good, the lug is 47.6mm. One thing I think is worth pointing out is that the new size of Black Bay 58 feels just like I hoped the previous “regular” size Black Bay felt: trimmed and unobtrusive. I am sure that both sizes will continue to have a market, but on my 7-inch long wrist, 58 is perfect.

Tudor BLACK BAY FIFTY-EIGHT M79030B-0003 Replica Watch

Although the size is different from the original size, Black Bay 58 still fully reflects Tudor in terms of finishing and embellishment. Finely polished micro-bevels separate the top of the housing from the sides. The baffle has delicate edges that provide the right grip when cornering. One thing I noticed on 58 is that the link at the end of the strap is slightly lower than the lugs. Although this does not really affect performance or comfort, it does break the boundaries visually-just a slight grip.

Tudor BLACK BAY FIFTY-EIGHT M79030B-0001 Replica Watch

Brand :Tudor

Model :M79030B-0001


Case material :Stainless steel

Movement :Self winding

Gender :Men

Case size :39 mm

Crystal :Sapphire

Dial colour :Blue

FUNCTIONS :Hours,Minutes,Seconds

The case shape :Round

Bracelet material :Stainless steel

Water resistance :200 m

Year :2020

Power Reserve :70 hours

As mentioned earlier, the bezel is a good example of delicate edges with aluminum inlays. The black area of ​​the bezel is hung with gold lettering to complement the gold-plated dial. One of my favorite features is at noon. This is a raised point outlined by a red triangle. This is one of the first key tips to give the watch a heavy vintage feel, because it directly references Tudor’s past 7924 Submariner. Subtly stretching outward from the bezel on the matte black dial is a domed sapphire crystal. Tudor has done an excellent job of maintaining the traditional charm of boxed crystals throughout the Black Bay series, and 58 is no exception. It extends only a few millimeters from the bezel, just enough to capture the light on the wrist, but not enough to cause a trip hazard when passing through the door.

The last major improvement in my eyes is the form of brushed steel crowns, while other models of anodized aluminum crown tubes have no or at least no proportional shrinkage. I always feel that this detail is bright, and I am very happy to see that the details on 58 are corrected. I hope this design will be echoed in other models of the Black Bay series.

I always think that the Black Bay series timepieces excel in the simple but powerful dial layout. Many close relationships can be drawn from Tudor’s past and modern Rolex watches. Tudor uses gold-plated round hour markers. In addition to twelve traditional triangle markers and three 3/6/9 (bar markers), gold-plated round hour markers are used. One thing they have always done very well is the fine polishing of the marks themselves to give the dial a gloss and make it look pleasant.

This phone has been using the rest of the Black Bay series, with a sword and snowflake style. Compared to the matte black dial, they are generous and powerful, and extremely eye-catching. This simple setting eliminates the influence of the date and any other interfering factors, thus making it conform to the watch’s instrumental intent-and the golden accent reminds you that this is still a watch you can use for dinner.

The theme of this review is essentially that this version of Black Bay is smaller, and I like the fact that this theme was brought to the bracelet. The size of the excellent Tudor imitation rivet style bracelet has been reduced from the original 22mm to a slender 20mm, and gradually reduced to a 18mm buckle. I always thought that the tapered bracelet would add an element on the wrist that I really appreciate.

The ratio is only calculated here, so the watch is beautifully worn. Tudor’s bracelets don’t have much to say besides doing very well. The buckle is a foldable locking style, fixed in place by a ball brake system. If someone gives a negative opinion, it may be that Tudor has developed an adjustable Pelagos buckle. As well as Rolex’s research and development on Glidelock, tool-less adjustment buckles are very welcome.

At least between my watch budget circles, I think the narrative generated around the release of Tudor’s internal movement is ETA = thin and internal = thick. Well, with the release of MT5402, this problem has been solved. The thickness of Tudor Black Bay 58 movement is less than 12 mm, which is largely due to its new COSC certified movement. This is not just a reassembly of the previous MT5602, but a brand new small movement with a 70-hour power reserve, no magnetic hairspring and a freely hanging balance wheel. My experience with this sport is nothing but excellent, and I have a good time. If you take a vacation on Friday night, then when you return to work, it will continue to run for you on Monday morning.

All in all, I think Black Bay 58 is a good direction for Tudor to march. With a call back to Tudor 7924, the brand has done an excellent job of respecting the heritage of the entire Black Bay product line. based on. My hope for this line is that Tudor will expand the size of 58 to other color schemes and configurations. Personally, I don’t like gold-plated watches on my wrists, so I’m very happy to see Black Bay 58 blue or red with white text and silver trim. All in all, I think Black Bay has always been a great entry point for emerging collectors to move towards high-end works. The addition of 58 gives them more diversity in doing so.