Seiko: The price-performance ratio in diving watches

I want to write Seiko entirely because of the inspiration given by netizens. I feel that I can’t argue, and I am determined to write an article to prove myself innocent.

I found that many friends like Seiko’s diving watches. Seiko small cans and abalones are more popular models. The first is of course the price. The price is close to the people, and there are more people buying. The second is the relative design. With some characteristics, Seiko is naturally the first choice among the watches of the same level. Over the years, Seiko’s e-commerce has become so popular that it is more convenient to go online if you want to start.

The development of Seiko diving watches

Seiko, known as one of the “Three Toyo” (the other two are Casio and Citizen), everyone’s biggest impression should be the quartz era, Seiko can be said to sweep the gloom of the Asian watch industry, became famous after one battle, and became One of the representatives of Asian watchmaking.

Seiko was born in 1881. At the time, the 22-year-old entrepreneur clothing department Kintaro opened a shop that sells and repairs watches in the center of Tokyo. This is how Seiko started. In 1892, Kintaro Hattori bought an abandoned factory in Tokyo and became the place where Seiko’s first watch was born.

In 1965, Seiko started to make diving watches, which became Japan’s first diving watch. It can be seen that this watch is equipped with an oversized crown, rotating bezel, wide hands and dial scale. In Seiko’s history of making diving watches for so many years, what I have to mention is the 600-meter waterproof watch in 1975. On this watch, you can actually see the shadow of Seiko’s modern diving watches.

Seiko invested a lot of material and financial resources to create this 600-meter diving watch in 1975. It took seven years to create such a professional diving watch. Seiko used titanium for the first time in the diving watch. The crown is not at the usual 3 o’clock position, but it is set at 4 o’clock and is equipped with a screw lock. The special feature of this watch is that there is no helium exhaust valve, but a case structure that can prevent the penetration of helium. In the 1980s, Seiko also conducted an experiment and found that the 600-meter diving watch’s helium permeability resistance is ten times higher than that of traditional diving watches.

After so many years of development, Seiko’s diving watches have developed rapidly. The world’s first saturated diving watch equipped with a quartz movement, the world’s first hybrid diving watch, the world’s first 1000-meter waterproof diving watch with a ceramic outer case, etc. Waiting for a foothold in the field of diving watches.

What can I do with Seiko’s diving watch?

I looked at it and found that people who buy Seiko dive watches more often should be canned and abalone.

In the above introduction, we also know that Seiko cans were born in 1975. It is not difficult to find that from the birth to these years, the appearance of Seiko cans has basically been set. Seiko cans, as the name suggests, are very different from our common models. Its case is very full and cylindrical, without lugs, and the crown is uniquely set at 4 o’clock. For Seiko cans, there is a design that is very important. Common dive watches will be designed with helium exhaust valves to discharge helium to protect the safety of the watch. Seiko cans are not. It uses wrists to prevent wrist penetration The watch is “covered”, and its shape is like a short cylindrical can. In the traditional diving watch, the design of the Seiko can is quite distinctive.

L-shaped sealing gasket plays a very important role in Seiko can. Seiko’s mirror glass loading is different from Swiss watches, and it is more complicated. The glass is tightly locked with two steel rings up and down. To protect the glass from being crushed, Seiko uses a waterproof ring as a gasket. Wrapping the glass can reduce the squeeze of the steel ring on the glass. From the side, the waterproof gasket shows an L shape, which improves the waterproof performance and air tightness of the fake luxury watches. The “weight is enough” of the rotating bezel, when turning it is very smooth, and the operation is very cool.

The head of the Seiko pot is a round and blunt canned tuna fish. The Seiko abalone, also called a turtle, looks like a turtle.

Another representative of the Seiko diving watch-abalone, comes from the 1970s. The case uses the representative “abalone case” of the 70s. The lugs are very short, so even large-diameter watches And it doesn’t look too big. The crown is set at 4 o’clock, very recognizable. The Seiko diving watch also makes me feel good, that is, its luminous performance is not bad. It looks good enough at night, and it is pretty. This is also reflected in the Seiko abalone.

This year, Seiko abalone produced a very beautiful green abalone (SPB153), which reproduced the 6105 diving watch, which is very famous in the 1970s. Compared with the 6105, Seiko reduced the size from 44 mm to 42.7 mm in the historical model, becoming more compact and slim, and the waterproof depth was upgraded from 150 meters to 200 meters. We can also find that sapphire glass mirrors have basically become the standard for watches at this price. After all, the previous mineral glass mirrors have been criticized. The 6R35 movement inside the watch is an upgrade of the 6R15 movement, and its endurance is 20 hours longer than the 6R15.

In today’s large diving watch market, Seiko is still worth starting. First of all, many watch friends value the history of the brand. Seiko’s watchmaking history is not short and has a certain international reputation. Secondly, among so many diving best swiss replica watches, Seiko’s diving watches have many models, affordable prices, and high cost performance. It is generally accepted that a popular online term is “True Fragrance”. Of course, Seiko has not been particularly refined in terms of polishing, etc., but in terms of price, the workmanship is not so meticulous, and it is understandable. This will not affect the mood of wanting to start a Seiko diving watch.