Urwerk UR-220 sails into the red-gold sunset

“…that’s a package!” Today, the last representative of the 220 series is being assembled in Urwerk’s workshop.

This UR-220 red gold is sparkling and gorgeous. Its case is forged from 4N gold and is paired with an immaculate white textured strap. All in all, a definite 80s vibe.

Let’s set the scene. Florida. Palm trees against a cloudless sky. Flamingos frolicking in the sun. Idyllic. Then everything sped up. Synthesizers set a tense pace for the waterside sequences. At the docks, sailboats glisten and alligators act as watchdogs.

For fans of the 1980s, the references are pretty clear: Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs in “Miami Vice.” These heroic cops in perfect suits have golden skin and Colgate smiles. Success personified. These images had a lasting impact on an entire generation and featured two main colors: shiny gold and pure white.

Martin Frei, co-founder of Urwerk, said: “Gold and white might seem like an unlikely combination, but this one resonated deeply with me and is a fond memory. I remember being super cool as a teenager. Heroes, we all want to emulate. They’re handsome and nothing beats them. They’ll chase down criminals in plain baggy suits, with their hair blowing in the wind and gold on their wrists. That’s the iconic image of the 1980s indeed. BUY copy watches

“From this outfit, I got sunglasses. A must!” he concluded with a laugh.

Urwerk co-founder Felix Baumgartner insists on the contrast between the timeless gold and the modernity of the rubber: “This UR-220 Red Gold marks the end of a collection, a strong model with a strong personality. Striking, sweeping contrast. It’s a great way to make a statement and end the sentence with a clear bias, surprising ‘wow’ effect.”

A final look back at the features that made the 220 Series so successful.

Testing equipment
Start with the back of the watch. The UR-220 eloquently witnesses the evolution of the 200 module series. It features one of the hallmarks of Urwerk watchmaking style, the oil change function. Returning to his first love, Urwerk reinstalled the indicator that showed the watch’s elapsed time after a long absence. This unique information, which has long enriched models such as the UR-110, has now undergone a significant change.

On the UR-220, the oil change takes the form of a digital gauge with the month displayed on two adjacent rollers. The wearer of the watch triggers the device by removing the protective pin and pressing a button on the back to activate a counter that displays the cumulative run time of the device in months.

After 39 months (three years and three months), a service is recommended. When finished, the Urwerk team resets the counter and replaces the pin. It’s a digital counter that might imply an alignment of units, a coldly calculated measurement, but it’s actually a testament to personal attachment. oil change Counts the number of hours the UR-220 is on your wrist. “By winding it carefully, it allows you to see all the energy you put into it,” Baumgartner said. Discount copy watches

on the carousel
The UR-220 features Urwerk’s patented rotating satellite complication. The wandering time is displayed on three rotating satellite cubes. They take turns inserting the skeletonized minute hand. Together they move 120 degrees along the counter. When the hour-long journey is over, the hand jumps back to the “0” mark to accommodate the next cube. This retrograde minute display is undoubtedly still the largest in the watch.

In pursuit of greater power and speed, all sides of the minute hand are hollowed out. This lightning-fast retrograde system is based on three key elements:

The central shaft in ruby bearings ensures the perfect stability of the mechanism and is the basis of the entire complication. A marine chronograph-type cylindrical mainspring running along this axis generates the tension required for a fast retrograde movement. The atypical minute hand frames the hour satellite and is of extraordinary size. Milled from aluminum to ultra-precise tolerances of one hundredth of a millimeter, the entire structure has a total weight of 0.302 grams and ideal dimensions (8.03mm wide x 22.29mm long x 7.30mm high), while its perfect balance is ensured by brass counterweights A double coaxial star cam regulates the retrograde mechanism through its gears, the rotation of which defines the trajectory of the minute hand. Another piece of information provided on the dial is the power reserve indicator, which can be read on two sub-dials. The power reserve is indicated by these two 24-hour counters. When winding manually, the instrument on the right first indicates the winding state of the mainspring. Once you reach the highest level, the indicator on the left takes over. Shopping copy watches

This power storage distributed between two “accumulators” consists of 83 mechanical elements, which shows the complexity of its development.

Since no detail has been overlooked here, Frey has completely redesigned the typography of the hour markers on the UR-220, with the hour and minute numerals being more clearly outlined.