“Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon” by Jacob and Co & Bugatti

Automobiles and watchmaking, two closely connected worlds. A legal object for some, it serves an entirely different purpose for a hobbyist. It’s often said that fancy cars are as boring as watchmakers… a myth that’s now proven. https://www.chronowrist.ru

You might think it would be useless to integrate a 16-cylinder engine into a watch, but this watch isn’t just for telling the time. It is above all a work of art and an example of fine watchmaking craftsmanship, a true feat. The watch, like a Bugatti, is simple from the outside, as its case is matte black titanium with simple curves similar to a Chiron.

The back of the case has 3 crowns reminiscent of the exhaust ports of a car. But internally, the opposite is offered to you. In fact, we find all the complexities of the Bugatti W16 engine, especially the miniature model with 16 cylinders, the pistons come alive when you push the crown to the right, the model with 2 turbochargers (compared to 4 turbo supercharger) in a real Bugatti Chiron), which also occurs when the engine is running. This is the real stage that Jacob & Co managed to implement.

But that’s not all, this artwork knows how to tell us the time. In fact, its movement has 578 parts, which is pretty impressive for a watch. It is equipped with a 30° inclined tourbillon, a major first for the brand. This inclination allows for a better appreciation of this incredible complexity of the complication. Of course, this watch is manually wound, and the power reserve is 60 hours. The materials are very noble, titanium for the case, sapphire for the tourbillon and crystal for the motor. In short, this best watch is the best in Swiss watchmaking.

The extraordinary prestige of Swiss watchmaking, the most captivating works of art and of course incredible modern luxury timepieces in the finest materials.