The future is calling: Urwerk UR-102 reloaded

The latest Urwerk UR-102 Reloaded tweaks the design slightly while retaining its aura of mystery

If the smooth, rounded look of the Urwerk watch reminds you of those flat pebbles that you hunt for in a game of “rock hopping” to disturb relatively calm bodies of water and create tiny ripples, then you’re in “far away” The Galaxy” from The Truth. These minimalist watches were created by co-founders and Star Wars geeks Felix Baumgartner, a third-generation watchmaker whose first word is “tick,” and Martin Frei. Graphic designer and artist with degrees from the Zurich School of Visual Arts and the Hochschule für Gestaltung. The duo not only redesigned their first watch collection UR-101 and UR-102 at Baselworld 1997, but continued After Hans Solo’s Millennium Falcon, also went on to create follow-up models Stormtrooper-inspired EMC TimeHunter and droid C-3PO UR-100 Gold Edition. Despite unique technological innovations,

New UR-102 “Reloaded” model, still thriving on the outer space theme, but instead of the sci-fi movie Star Wars, it takes inspiration from an actual Sputnik

However, the UR-102 is considered Urwerk’s “foundation watch”, setting the stage for its futuristic tone. The new UR-102 “Reloaded” model, which debuted during Watches and Wonders 2023, still thrives on the outer space theme, but instead of a sci-fi movie, it takes inspiration from an actual artificial satellite.

“Reloaded” Avatar
The Urwerk UR-102 Reloaded is available in two kits – titanium and black PVD – in a limited edition total. Both models feature a sandblasted titanium case and a steel caseback: one retains the original hue of the metal, while the other has a black PVD coating. Their automatic base movement offers a 48-hour power reserve at 28,600vph. replica Tourbillon watches

Older UR-102 models are “Gaïa” (launched at Only Watch 2021) and “TimeforArt” (in collaboration with Cooper Jacoby), with temperature-responsive displays that change hue throughout the day. The latest UR-102 model has some minor design changes. The case size has been increased from 38mm to 41mm, the retractable crown is now partially hidden at 4 o’clock instead of the previous 3 o’clock, and the lugs have become taller and more angular, like earlier models of the Sputnik Space Satellite. Even the iconic semi-circular windows extend further down the sides to provide more display space to view the time.

crescent view
Urwerk is an example of an understated trend that quietly upends your fixed way of doing things, introducing a faster, sleeker alternative. Well, who needs to check the time on a circular track when you can get the same result half way through? The UR-102 continues this semi-circular display trend, retaining certain features, such as the flame blue hue of the original UR-102 watch in the new titanium version.

Although the metal has changed from anodized aluminum to titanium in the “Reloaded” version, the minute track has the same blue hue and satin-brushed finish. In addition, the semicircular orbit follows the trajectory of the satellites in space, and the timing in the watch rises like a crescendo arc, from 0 minutes to 30 minutes, and then returns to the 60 o’clock mark during the descent.

time slips by
This brings us to another built-in feature, “Roaming Time”. “From the very beginning, we have been convinced that focusing on wandering time is our path,” says Frey on the official Urwerk website. discount fake watch

Baumgartner was inspired by the 17th-century clocks made by the Pope’s official watchmaker, the Campani brothers, in his watchmaker father’s workshop, thus creating the concept of ‘Wandering Time’. The clock didn’t “tick” because the brothers invented a silent escapement that allowed the pope to sleep undisturbed.

Both the raw titanium and black PVD UR-102 models come with textured rubber straps, finished in Baltimora fabric with a pin buckle.