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LVMH Watch Week, which just ended a few days ago, is the first copy watch exhibition for the watch industry in 2023. LVMH’s four professional watch brands gathered at the Capella Hotel in Sentosa, Singapore, and used the first wave of new products this year to communicate with visitors from all over the world. Together with the media, Shanda welcomes this physical watch exhibition that has not been seen for three years.

Among them, HUBLOT launched two new color-themed works including the Big Bang Tourbillon SAXEM fluorescent yellow watch and the Big Bang Integrated rainbow chain watch, as well as the Classic Fusion Original classic fusion original watch and other works that attracted the most attention. . Through the dissemination of the community and the media, the brand’s forward-looking design, as well as its development capabilities in advanced materials and movement technology, have once again marked the brand’s leading position in the LVMH Group and the high-end watch sports watch market.

Avant-garde design combined with multiple cross-border cooperation to stand firmly as the popular king of the community
Friends who pay special attention to the development of social media, it should not be difficult to find that HUBLOT has been very active on major social platforms in recent years. Because the design and color matching of watches are quite avant-garde and bold, it is easy to become the focus of attention. This design style originated from the early days of the brand’s establishment in the 1980s. At that time, in order to escape the design of the traditional high-end watch frame, it began to try the combination of various materials. The DNA of creativity has long been deeply rooted in the brand’s DNA. The Big Bang universe led by Mr. Biver after he came to power is just an extension of this foundation, and the “fusion art” as the main axis of product design endows this design style with a more specific and distinctive design vocabulary.

The rainbow gem setting extends from the royal gold bezel, case, and chain belt. It needs to be paired and inlaid one by one by professional and skilled gem craftsmen to present a smooth and harmonious gradient tone. Every finely crafted chain link of Big Bang Integrated, after inlaid with colored gemstones, still maintains a smooth and delicate feel, showing HUBLOT’s craftsmanship comparable to that of high-end jewelry brands.

HUBLOT is based on the focus on craftsmanship and details of traditional advanced watchmaking, and integrates various materials and craftsmanship to extend more abundant and diverse watch works. Going further with brand friends, brand ambassadors, and even cross-border cooperation in the metaverse field, through the powerful sharing, discussion and interactive promotion of social media, it quickly won the attention and recognition of more consumers, and successfully conveyed the unique brand. Watch philosophy. Behind the brilliant and dazzling achievements, there are strong craftsmanship and research and development capabilities of the brand as the backing, which allows HUBLOT to continuously launch works with refreshing craftsmanship and design, and continue to create topics in the high-end sports watch market. replica watches usa

Relying on the research and development of movement and materials to create the highest-level top-level sports watch

This is HUBLOT’s second SAXEM sapphire watch that combines rare earth elements. The unprecedented fluorescent yellow marks the technical gap with other brands of sapphire materials.

In order to reverse the conservative stereotype that top watches have brought to people for a long time, HUBLOT has continuously brought more diversified possibilities to watch design through its strong movement technology strength and advanced material research and development capabilities in recent years. When it comes to the brand’s movement technology, since the acquisition of the advanced movement factory BNB Concept in 2010 and the creation of the Unico movement, after confirming the ability of the brand’s self-made movement, under the leadership of Mathias Buttet, director of the creative department, the movement has been continuously improved. Continued breakthroughs in the complex process. Like MP-02, 03, 04 equipped with vertical tourbillon, MP-05 like supercar engine, MP-11 with 14-day chain, and 40-day ultra-long power with 9 barrels in series and vertical MP-07 with tourbillon and drum-type time display, etc. These unique structures break away from the traditional avant-garde design and powerful functions, constantly impacting traditional advanced watchmaking and creating heated topics.

Big Bang Tourbillon Fluorescent Yellow SAXEM is equipped with HUB6035, which is a rare automatic tourbillon movement for high-end watch brands. The tourbillon device and miniature automatic tourbillon are in a symmetrical layout. .

SAXEM sapphire has high permeability and quite saturated color. Combined with the HUB6035 skeleton tourbillon movement with a large number of sapphire transparent bridges, the whole watch presents a clear and transparent texture.

Innovative materials can be said to be HUBLOT’s best field. The material research and development capabilities of the material laboratory located in the brand’s Nyon watch factory are not only superior to the high-end watch industry, Mathias Buttet, director of the creative department, once said in an interview that this laboratory even has the ability to build satellites. The capabilities of high-performance materials required by technology. The developed advanced materials such as King Gold, high-tech ceramics, carbon fiber, and sapphire allow the brand’s most representative multi-layered case design to be replaced by various materials to show more diverse appearances and perfectly embody The spirit of the brand “Fusion Art”. HUBLOT is based on solid movement technology and integrates the top-level sports watch with revolutionary innovative materials. It not only has a trend-setting avant-garde design, but also contains strong functional connotation. It has become the highest-level top-level sports watch brand in the LVMH group.

HUBLOT launched a combination of three sizes and three materials in the Classic Fusion original series this year, of which 42mm and 38mm are equipped with the HUB1110 automatic movement, and the smallest size of 33mm is equipped with a quartz movement. Let the style selection have more diverse changes. In addition to the 40th anniversary 45mm version launched in 2020, the lineup is quite complete.

Through the new works in 2023, we can see that HUBLOT dares to break through the traditional framework, use His own style has become the most dazzling star of the group. At the same time, it is the most active challenge to develop various technologies among advanced watch brands, and maintains a leading position in various technical fields. For a young watch brand that has only been established for more than 40 years, such an achievement not only symbolizes the strong strength behind the brand, but also has strong enthusiasm and will to drive the brand forward. Especially in the somewhat conservative atmosphere of the watch market in recent years, through HUBLOT it seems that we can see the remaining vitality and creativity of the cheapest watch industry.