A superstar of Bremont and a milestone in the British watchmaking industry

In the history of clock and watch development, nearly half of the designs and technologies of clocks and pocket watches were born in England. Until the 19th century, British watchmaking gradually declined, but its technical background is still there. It is not just a British dream to revive it. . In the United Kingdom in 2002, two brothers who had a strong interest in mechanical structural products established Bremont, a British watchmaking brand, with the dream of making exquisite mechanical products. Since its establishment, Bremont has accumulated a large amount of professional watchmaking technology, craftsmanship, intellectual property rights and design rights. It represents that since the “Smith” movement in 1971, the UK has achieved mass production of movements again. (Watch model: Supernova supernova watch)

As early as the eighteenth century, the British clockmaker John Harrison created the first nautical clock in 1730 and named it “H1” in order to solve the problem of navigators measuring latitude and longitude. In order to pay tribute to the great British watchmaker, Bremont launched a new H1 series watch, including the Supernova supernova watch that I want to taste with you today. This watch is not only a supernova of Bremont. , It will also become an important milestone in the development of the British watchmaking industry.

The Supernova supernova watch has launched a total of three models this time, which are watches made of three dial colors: asphalt black, pearlescent white, and midnight blue. For Bremont, a very “young” brand, the appearance of the Supernova supernova watch has injected new aesthetic elements into the brand’s product lineup, increasing consumers’ choices. At the same time, the brand has not forgotten to inject the core gene of Bremont into the new luxury watch, and the design style belonging to British watchmaking is still very obvious in the new watch.

This Supernova supernova watch uses a new Trip-Tick® three-piece stainless steel case, which has undergone 12 stages of hand and machine processing, grinding and polishing to ensure that every direction and detail is flawless . The diameter of the case is 40 mm, which is very suitable for the wrist diameter of Asians. With the carefully designed curves and angles of the case, it is very comfortable after getting started. On the right side of the case is a screw-down crown adorned with the brand’s signature polished propeller logo.

The Supernova supernova watch is a watch that Bremont’s in-house engineers spent three years building, and every detail of it can stand scrutiny. The cut surface under the lugs is one of the iconic design details of Bremont. In order to make the curvature and cut surface of the lugs present a delicate finish effect, Bremont has invested heavily in the development and optimization of a series of tools and machinery. processing technology.

The dial design of the Supernova supernova watch is very simple, with white Arabic numerals and hands, matched with a black dial, and a small amount of red and gray embellishment, the classic color matching makes people never get tired of it. In addition, the brand uses different pattern designs to make the dial look very layered. The slightly sunken large calendar display function area forms a visual difference with the main dial, making it more convenient and eye-catching to read. Bremont cheap

There is a power storage display panel above the 6 o’clock position of the dial, which can remind the power storage time of the watch and remind the wearer to wind the movement in time. At the same time, the design of this dynamic storage plate also reflects the love of the two founders of Bremont, Nick and Giles, for all mechanical things. I believe that watch friends who also love mechanical watches will have a deep understanding of this. .

All the hour markers on the dial are coated with a blue-light Super-LumiNova® super luminous layer, even in a dim environment, the wearer can clearly identify the time.

The strap is also one of the highlights of this Supernova watch, which is the first Bremont watch to use an integrated bracelet design. The watch chain adopts the brand’s original tapered design and unique T-shaped link structure. In order to enhance the durability of the watch chain, the designer reduced the number of parts for each link and used finer screws. The bracelet has been processed by two processes of brushing and polishing, which are distinct and textured at the same time. The watch is designed with a butterfly clasp, and the brand’s iconic propeller logo is engraved on the top, which echoes the crown.

Turning over the online replica watches, we can see the brand-made ENG375 self-winding movement and the exquisite decorative oscillating weight inside the watch through the crystal bottom. In order to improve the accuracy of the movement, Bremont launched the H1 timing standard, which is comparable to the ISO3159:2009 precision timepiece testing standard. All watches in the H1 series have passed the H1 timing standard test.

The movement uses a silicon escapement, which has a good anti-magnetic effect. In addition, the cardless balance spring with KIF shock absorber, combined with the Anti-Shock® shockproof movement seat with protective function, makes the watch have a good shockproof effect. The movement has a long power reserve of 65 hours and a waterproof depth of 100 meters. Overall, the performance is very outstanding.

Bremont, as a “young man” in the watch industry, has been able to achieve today’s achievements in 20 years of development. Personally, I think it is due to the precipitation of British watchmaking history on the one hand, and the outstanding talent of the brand on the other hand. and excellent learning ability. Bremont has the courage to try and innovate in the research and development process, and turns dreams into missions. Where there is a will, there is a way. The new H1 series and Supernova supernova watches are proof of this.