See what watch Portuguese legend Luis Figo wears?

Although the Portuguese football legend Luís Figo has long since left the field, he is often mentioned by many media because of his extremely self-disciplined and good figure. The old handsome guy was the leader of Portugal’s golden generation when he was young. , known for his on-court creativity and unpretentious but extremely practical extraordinary ability, is regarded as one of the greatest players of this generation, and has also won many honors. best fake watch

Figo, who was born in 1972, started his football career in the Portuguese powerhouse Sporting Lisbon. After 6 years of playing in the league in his home country, he joined Barcelona in 1995. The arrival of Figo successfully filled in without any adaptation. Laudrup left the vacancy. In the next few years, Figo led the team to two consecutive La Liga titles as the captain. In 2000, the three consecutive championships failed. That year, Figo’s four were empty, but he was in the Ballon d’Or. In the selection, he defeated Zidane and Shevchenko, Raul, Henry and other stars, which was also due to Figo’s excellent performance in the Portuguese national team in the European Cup in 2000. Although he failed to win the championship in the end, Figo But it has been recognized by the media. In the same year, Figo moved to the arch-rival Real Madrid because of the salary problem with Barcelona, ​​and broke the transfer record again with a worth of 56.1 million US dollars. With Dane’s joining, the Galaxy battleship has begun to take shape, and Zidane also used a wonderful kick to beat Bayer Leverkusen, allowing Real Madrid to win the ninth Champions League trophy. However, what is not proportional to the huge commercial value brought by the Galaxy Battleship is that the record has fallen into a trough. Figo’s transfer to Inter Milan in 2005 also represents the disintegration of the first phase of the Galaxy Battleship. In the course of Inter Milan at the end of his career, Figo helped Inter Milan win four consecutive Serie A titles, and he chose to retire after his contract expired in 2009.

Figo’s style of play does not have a particularly strong physical quality. He relies on his skillful and delicate skills and excellent control of variable speed rhythm to create opportunities on the wing. Figo bows his head and bows on the right. When the opponent’s defender was shaken in all directions, the supplementary defender caught up, and Figo swayed again and surpassed him, causing the first defender to be shaken to the ground and unable to get up. Figo’s passing is also one of the best in football, with an extremely broad passing vision coupled with accuracy and predictability. This also allowed Figo to win the reputation of the right-sided Tianzun and the king of right-sided offense. Figo not only made achievements with the right-sided, he could also switch left and right in the game, and he was still a small player in the national team at that time. Ronaldo’s C Ronaldo left and right swap is a classic scene, and it is also easy to be an attacking midfielder in the middle. As long as the team needs him, he is a front-court panacea, appearing in the right place to connect the team.

I mentioned Figo today because I introduced you to the 2020 World Footballer Lewandowski’s watch selection before, so I want to introduce the world footballer 20 years ago, Figo’s watch selection, plus Shang Figo himself also likes watches very much. If you follow his social media, you will find that he often likes information such as watch dynamic news.

Jacob & Co. fake was founded by Jacob Arabo in the prosperous diamond district of New York in 1986. In the early days, Jacob & Co was actually a custom-made jewelry brand for private clients. It only began to design watches in the later period. The brand adheres to the design concept inspired by the impossible. , takes the creation of beauty, dynamism and uniqueness as the core design, respects the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and artistic effect in the watch making process, and turns the imaginative and magical design into reality, making it elegant and unique. Watches and jewelry works, this series of revolutionary watches and exquisite jewelry works, such as the tourbillon of the Astronomia series we know well, the godfather style of The Opera series, as well as a variety of super sports car manufacturers The cooperation style of Bugatti, Jacob & Co. also signed Leo Messi in 2019 and launched the EPIC X CHRONO series of Messi edition watches, these works have won a number of international awards, and selected the best objects for cooperation. And like many celebrities are also loyal customers of the brand, Madonna, Beckham and Ronaldo, as well as fashion designers, Valentino founder Valentino Galavani, or Off-White founder and Virgil Abloh, artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear.

As early as 2018, Jacob & Co. Jake Bao announced the cooperation with Figo, a year earlier than the cooperation with Messi, and launched a series of EPIC X CHRONO LUIS FIGO limited edition watches, including three Material Style 18K rose gold, black DLC titanium, and titanium. As the brand’s sports watch, Epic X’s charm lies in the X design of its case, which is unique and highly recognizable.

The main model in Figo’s hands is made of 18K rose gold and titanium. The watch has a diameter of 47 mm and a thickness of 14 mm. The screw-in crown on the side of the watch is protected by two large chronograph buttons designed as crown shoulder guards. Thanks to various waterproof designs, the watch is waterproof to 200 meters. The bezel is made of black ceramic. You can see that the X-shaped design extends from the case to the bezel, and then enters the dial. The transparent mineral crystal dial can intuitively and clearly appreciate the operation of the semi-skeleton movement. The balance wheel on the upper left, 6 The skeletonized barrel at the o’clock and the fully wound spring are clearly visible. There is also a diving scale rotating inner ring on the outer edge of the dial, which is operated through the crown at 10 o’clock. The 10-minute mark is also specially marked in red, because 10 is also Figo’s jersey number. The watch features two rose gold sub-dials, a 30-minute chronograph at 3 o’clock, a small second at 9 o’clock, and a red chronograph second hand in the middle. Figo’s signature is also engraved on the case back, and the watch is powered by a Czech Leopard JCAA05 skeletonized self-winding chronograph movement, a high-end chronograph movement with a column wheel to activate the chronograph function. Running at 4 Hz per hour, it also provides a 48-hour power reserve when fully wound. Comes with a black alligator leather strap with an 18K rose gold buckle.

Figo’s cooperation with Jacob & Co. Jack & Bow does not delay him from wearing other brands of watches, and he is also very fond of Rolex. In addition, Figo also has a belt Daytona, a series of watches launched at Baselworld 2011, a total of two models, one ivory white plate and one brown plate, although I personally have always been I think the style of the Daytona with the belt is a bit out of place, but this ivory white plate is really beautiful, and Figo’s wearing effect is really good. The watch is also the first Daytona watch equipped with a high-tech ceramic Cerachrom black bezel. The case is made of 18K Everose gold with a diameter of 40 mm. The watch is equipped with a 4130 chronograph movement and is equipped with a Rolex blue Parachrom hairspring. It provides a 72-hour power reserve when fully wound, and comes with a black alligator leather strap. buy replica watches

The Sands is also Figo’s collection. This Rolex Greenwich II Interlock was launched at the Baselworld 2018 together with the Pepsi with the five-bead chain. There was also a full-gold Sars ring, which was also at the time. It’s called the GMT Trio. The word SARS is also derived from the foreign name for the black-brown color circle rootbeer, which translates to the black pine SARS soda. The watch is made of Everose gold and stainless steel with a diameter of 40 mm and a brown and black Cerachrom 24-hour scale bezel. It is used with a triangular GMT hand on the black dial to display the second time zone. There is also a set at 3 o’clock. There is a small window convex lens date display window. The watch is equipped with a 3285-type movement, equipped with a Chronergy escapement, and is also equipped with a Parachrom hairspring, which helps to resist the effects of shock and temperature changes, and has a power reserve of about 70 hours. The gold bracelet of the watch is also made of Everose gold with steel. However, due to the clarity of the pictures on Figo’s social media, I personally think that the effect of the watch on his hand is a bit like the old gold GMT. Watch friends, let’s take a look at which style it is.

In addition to Rolex, Figo often wears this Patek Philippe Nautilus series 5712R, which is also a sports watch with a belt. The rounded octagonal octagonal bezel and the delicate and unique porthole structure with rose gold material make this sports watch more elegant. The dial display of the watch is also the highlight design of the 5712, which is decorated with horizontal stripes On the embossed dial, there are small seconds and a calendar moon phase function display circle, as well as a fan-shaped power reserve display. The gold applied hour markers and the hour and minute hands are coated with a fluorescent coating. The watch is equipped with a Cal.240 PS IRM C LU movement, which can provide a 48-hour power reserve. The entire movement has been exquisitely polished and crafted, and can be directly appreciated through the transparent case back. Embellished with a Patek Philippe Calatrava cross star. The watch is equipped with a shiny black alligator leather strap with a folding clasp.

Figo wears his own RICHARD MILLE RM030 rose gold style when shooting magazines. Figo is also one of the few European stars who chooses RM watches. I also mentioned above that he especially likes to pay attention to watch news, and Information about RICHARD MILLE is also his most liked brand. The full name of the RM 030 model is a clutch oscillating weight self-winding watch. The iconic wine barrel case is made of rose gold. On the hollow dial, you can see the bottom plate and bridge plate made of grade 5 titanium alloy. The dial 7 There is a semi-instantaneous jumping date display window at 9 o’clock, and a power reserve display window at 9 o’clock.

The ON OFF pointer display at 12 o’clock is a major design highlight of this watch. The watch is equipped with the RMAR1 hollow self-winding movement, which can provide 55 hours of power reserve when it is fully wound. It is equipped with RICHARD MILLE The patented clutch-type variable geometry oscillating weight has been painstakingly researched and designed for 4 years. The traditional winding system relies on a constantly rotating collar inside the winding barrel after it is fully wound. When the movement becomes larger, harmful debris may accumulate in the watch, which will affect the performance of the chronometer. RM’s clutch is a variable geometry oscillating weight. When the power reserve reaches 50 hours, the oscillating weight will automatically clutch under the action of a specially developed gear transmission system, and then the oscillating weight will not wind the barrel. On the other hand, if the power reserve is not enough, after 40 hours, the oscillating weight will automatically engage and rewind the chain until the power reserve indication reaches 50 hours again. This design ensures that the movement and the oscillating weight have an ideal constant torque power ratio for a long time, thus providing the performance of a chronometer. The winding indicator at the 12 o’clock position is responsible for confirming the winding status, helping the wearer to grasp whether the oscillating weight is in the winding state on or off in the separated state.

Figo has retired for many years. After withdrawing from running for World Football Federation president in 2015, he has slowly left the football world and shifted his focus of life back to his family, focusing on his wife and three daughters. During the friendly match, he was still conscientious on the field, and he had to fight for every goal on the wing. He also really loves watches. Sometimes he is often seen on social media to like the watch dynamics, and he often likes the watch. Sex is connected with 10 points of 10, and he will also interact with watch friends under the watch news. Although it is difficult to see him chatting in Portuguese, it is also very interesting to see him online sometimes. . Figo does not have a fixed liking routine for the choice of watches. He wears whatever he likes. Even as an ambassador of Jack & Treasures, it does not prevent him from wearing other brands of watches. If he has to choose a particular favorite. The matching, it should be the sports style with the leather strap may also be his personal preference.