HYT unveils new FLOW collection, showing a different philosophy of time

After the exhilarating announcement of the HYT SOONOW Instant Rainbow in the throes of confinement, HYT has once again lifted our spirits with a light-filled timepiece…literally!

HYT’s philosophy of time is distinctive, always seeking to represent time as a continuous flow of life and experience, rather than a ticking countdown of irretrievable seconds. HYT time is very present, reminding us that the only time that really matters is now.

As HYT CEO Gregory Dourde told Watchonista in a recent interview, “We’re not going to try to get the most accurate watch to a thousandth of a second. I believe we’re presenting a new perspective, a new view of time. We are timekeepers, not timekeepers.

HYT’s unique time perspective is reflected in the brand’s original LCD display that resembles an old-fashioned thermometer. The hours are indicated using two liquids – one coloured and one transparent – ​​which move around the dial with the rhythm of time inside a tiny glass capillary. The hours are displayed at the meeting point of the two liquids, while the minutes are displayed on the subdial at 12 o’clock.

flow time
Just when you thought fake HYT‘s creative director, François Nunez, couldn’t possibly surpass the last timepiece – in this case, the SOONOW Instant Rainbow – he “did up” another very creative design that left us in awe. Please welcome the new FLOW Eternity and FLOW Infinity with many new design and technical features.

Light inside the movement
Before we get into all the new design elements, let’s start with the “star” innovation that debuted in FLOW. This new proprietary complication creates light on demand using a specially developed micro-generator that stores and removes energy to activate 13 carefully positioned LEDs in the Eternity version and 8 LEDs in the Infinity version. This burst of light is activated by a button and spreads the light across the sculpted dial in playful ways on each model. wholesale watch

“What time and light have in common is that they are both fluid. We’re talking about the flow of time and the flow of electricity. By naming the series FLOW, it’s this similarity that we want to highlight,” shared Nunez .

“Objects exist only in light. Light reveals, accentuates and exposes them to the beholder, and intensifies, deepens and amplifies them. As a result, integrating light into the design process proved simple and intuitive,” he said.

flow forever
The FLOW Eternity version features a blue LCD display and a rhodium opalescent skeletonized dial, produced using electro-erosion technology to precisely cut the concave and convex waves of the metal. To enhance the reflection of the LED lights below, a dome of 73 baguette diamonds (approximately 1.7 carats) sits on the dial at 6 o’clock and works like a disco ball, reflecting and refracting light in all directions.

Stream Unlimited
The FLOW Infinity model showcases the brand’s black fluid module, which sits above a green Super-LumiNova rail for extra brightness and legibility at night. The dial is darker thanks to the anthracite opal treatment and features a new captivating conical swirl that draws the eye to the heart of the online watch. When the light is activated, the bellows deep beneath the vortex can be sensed.

All are equipped with the brand’s exclusive hand-wound movement (65-hour power reserve, indicated on the dial) and an exclusive patented microfluidic module. They feature a 51mm stainless steel case and are water resistant to 30 meters.