Richard Mille RM-032 Automatic Chronograph Diver, Skeleton Dial – Rose Gold Strap

An automatic chronograph designed for deep-sea diving

Performance, safety, efficiency, aesthetics, ergonomics: they all come together in this model. Due to the visibility of its features, easy-to-use controls and accuracy of displayed information, you will feel secure as soon as you see the instrument. At 300 meters underwater, there is no room for error. cheap watches

A second crown has been added, which, when turned once, locks the pushers and crown, so no function can be activated by accidental pressure or operator error. The same principle applies to the bezel, a technological marvel that can only be operated by using two pushers for complete safety. Its operational precision and water resistance are the subject of numerous checks throughout the assembly and assembly of mechanical components. The three-part case requires 830 machining operations, and its absolute ergonomic perfection is achieved by hand brushing and polishing.

The RM032 is water resistant to 300 meters (30 atmospheres) and complies with ISO 6425 specifications for diving watches. This is achieved through the unique curved tripartite case design. It comes with a screw-down crown structure and a horn integrated into the case. Each RM032 version has screws on the lugs to optimally secure the diver’s rubber strap. In the watch world, the case of the RM032 is one of the most difficult to manufacture. After a 1 hour 30 hour turning phase, this tripartite case had to undergo a planned 830 operations during a 9 hour milling phase. After an 11-hour processing phase, each case must pass a full-day quality control. The buttons and their respective components and crown require a 10-day machining phase. During this time, numerous water resistance tests and quality controls were carried out, as well as hand brushing and polishing the case. All these steps are essential to achieve the level of ergonomics characteristic of Richard Mille watches.