Graham watch winding setting

The Graham fake Watches lineage can be traced back to the prolific English inventor George Graham of the late 1600s. He created several inventions that are still in use today, including the stopwatch and the jumping escapement. His technical prowess inspired the Graham Watch Company, whose creations bear their name. Graham watches have a reputation for outstanding mechanical performance and ultimate precision, making them a valuable addition to any enthusiast’s collection. Discover mechanical excellence today with our Graham watch collection.

Graham Watches manufactures their timepieces at their production facility in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Each of their top Swiss movements is specially adapted and designed for the brand. The company strictly controls all watch components prior to assembly to ensure that the finished timepiece is of the highest quality. Great attention to detail is vital to Graham Watch Company, including the packaging of its timepieces. The brand ensures that travel bags and suitcases are also made in Switzerland by local artisans. Graham Watch Company pays more attention to detail, each watch comes with a passport-shaped warranty certificate. This unique and ingenious design reflects the brand’s belief in the lifelike quality of watches. For Graham Watch Company, each of their timepieces has its own personality. In addition, each passport is signed by one of the brand’s certified watchmakers. This is a constant reminder of what our company stands for: watchmakers.

While the Graham Watch Company manufactures their timepieces in Switzerland, they strive to create quintessentially British watches and respect the brand’s British roots. Graham’s team of designers, engineers and watchmakers aim to create timepieces that are completely different from other Swiss watches. Graham watches exude confidence. They feature strong, bold lines with significantly larger accents than regular watches, such as big thrusts and large hands. Graham timepieces also have large and delicate movements. Overall, every Graham watch is built to last. Graham customers are both movers and doers and need a timepiece for an active lifestyle. Ultimately, the brand returns to the Graham name and the approach, vision and philosophy of George Graham himself.

Most Graham watch self-winding movements can be properly wound by most watch winders. Usually Graham’s self-winding movements require 800 revolutions a day, and most of them can be wound clockwise. So take your time and enjoy choosing a lovely spring that fits you and your fake men watch.