Graham Silverstone RS Review

The Graham watch collection is amazing, as are all Graham watches. In this luxury timepiece series, the attention to every detail is obvious, which dazzles both watchmakers and watch connoisseurs. Graham Silverstone watches focus on color and size. This makes this series different from other Graham series, except for The Moon series in the Geo Graham series. The bezel and dial of the Graham Silverstone series watches are decorated with different main colors, giving them a different sporty appearance.

The Graham watch collection is known for its personalization; this is possible thanks to the tones that add vitality to the dial. The watch is made of gold, black carbon and high-grade stainless steel. The straps used in some watches give the series the most unique features. The rubber strap adopts the tire tread pattern and is inlaid with different colors to form a contrast, making the watch more sporty and masculine. Obviously, where did the series get the name of Silverstone RennSport. The entire series of the series is inspired by the origins of racing.

Therefore, the timing accuracy of Graham Silverstone RS is enviable. These watches include an automatic dual-row chronograph seconds and thirty-minute chronograph. This is placed in a way to get the maximum visual effect. On the right side of the watch, the steel button is affixed with “Paris nails”-an intricate guilloche pattern that crosses the metal parts of the watch to form a tiny pyramid-like shape. On the back of the Graham Silverstone RS series watch is a transparent sapphire crystal glass engraved with a limited number of numbers.

The series is represented by young and competitive people. It was recognized by racing champion Steven Liquorish. Liquorish uses Silverstone Stowe Racing. In addition to Steven, Liquorish is Mario Dominguez, who also wears a Silverstone racing watch. Graham’s official brand ambassador, Graham Rahal, is the brand’s eponymous character and a famous racing prodigal son, wearing Silverstone Stowe GMT red to match his uniform. The Graham Silverstone RS series has been recognized by many important figures, including Thai actor Athichart Chummanol.

This series of watches has worked with ice hockey champions, such as the NHL Los Angeles Kings, the 2012 Stanley Cup champion. The series is related to prosperity, vitality, competitiveness and vitality. In order to highlight the sporty style, these watches are part of the Swiss Ice Hockey Championship Spengler Cup competition. Obviously, this series is elite, incredibly capable and unique. The price of each watch in this series is different and can be checked on our website.

The design of the Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton deserves the best and most powerful German racing technology. In the field of watchmaking, this watch is comparable to the efficiency and precision of an auto mechanic. This series provides a choice of strap and buckle, so buyers can choose a hollow watch with a rubber strap, or an option with a leather strap. However, the Graham Silverstone Skeleton watch with a leather strap is only 300 feet water resistant, while other watches with a rubber strap are water resistant up to 330 feet.

The series has two hollow watches with rubber straps; one with a yellow illustration and the other with a red illustration. Both models are limited to 250 pieces. The Silverstone RS Skeleton leather strap-more specifically, the integrated brown alligator leather-is also a limited edition with 250 pieces.

The movement used in this series is G1790, equipped with an automatic skeletonized chronograph. In this series, the point of view of the balance wheel and escapement is emphasized. This is because the skeleton watch focuses on the technical and mechanical precision of the watch and how it works. Therefore, less attention is paid to aesthetics. The hollow series of the Graham Silverstone RS series uses hollow plates and balance bridges, as well as a rhodium movement with hand-painted brushstrokes.

The Graham Silverstone RS series was created to celebrate Graham’s partnership as the official timekeeper and the title sponsor of the Swiss Gurnigel Bergrennen mountain competition. This series is to commemorate this event. Like the Silverstone Skeleton series, there are models with leather straps and rubber straps. The models with tire tread rubber strap complement the dark glass dial, giving it a unique appearance.

Graham Silverstone RS GMT first considers the needs of the driver. The generous and reasonable ratio of the watch makes it easier for the rider to operate during the race, and the rubber-covered timing control ensures direct finger contact. The scale of the bezel allows the wearer/racer to quickly use the GMT function, especially since the bezel is engraved in a 24-hour format. This is useful for travelers who are currently moving from one time zone to another. GMT can be adjusted in hour increments and is not affected by the main hour hand.

The racing theme of the series is displayed in a small dial similar to the dashboard. The GMT arrow tip is filled with Super-LumiNova luminous material to indicate the 24-hour number on the ceramic bezel. This will cause the tachymeter on the inside of the flange to print. Although there are many things that drivers need to know, the design of Silverstone RS GMT makes the outline of functions clear and legible. Therefore, the driver is not affected by any design.

Graham Silverstone RS GMT has two models: Luffield GMT and Stowe GMT. The Graham Silverstone Luffield GMT watch has incredible features; from the dual date dial to the tachymeter bezel, each feature adds a unique character to the watch. This series is different from the other two in the Silverstone RS series because it provides GMT. There is a Greenwich Mean Time and minute counter with a silver ring, a Greenwich Mean Time scale in the center of the dial, and many other functions. This model is also limited to 250 pieces. It has a carbon fiber bezel and an edge with tachymeter scale, with sapphire anti-reflective coating on both sides.

Another model Stowe GMT is named after a famous curve on the famous Silverstone circuit in England. The Graham Silverstone Stowe GMT watch uses the G1721 movement, which provides a 48-hour power reserve and is equipped with an automatic dual composite chronograph. The flyback chronograph on the Graham Silverstone Stowe GMT is used for timekeeping. Just press the button and it will reset and restart the stopwatch. This watch is very suitable for racers, businessmen and ordinary people who want to appreciate its aesthetics. The series is also a limited edition. Its case is made of stainless steel with PVD ​​coating, and it can be equipped with control buttons with “Paris Nail” high-grip pattern. Both Luffield GMT and Stowe GMT models are waterproof to a depth of up to 300 feet.

The Graham Silverstone RS Racing series is very similar to the other watches in the series because it focuses on strength and speed. Each piece in the series is deeply influenced by speed competitions. The dial is modeled on the instrument panel, and the strap adopts a tire tread pattern. The series is waterproof to a depth of 330 feet, thanks to its special seal. This series uses a new innovation of Graham watches; a date indicator at 3 o’clock. On the other side of the dial, the seconds dial at 9 o’clock is shaped like a car brake disc. The speedometer function can be used to calculate speed based on travel time or measure distance when the speed is known.

It is wrapped in a stainless steel case that symbolizes the active nature of the series, and the ring surrounding it is presented in different tones, giving a three-dimensional effect. The background of the dial is decorated with a checkerboard pattern, which symbolizes the flags used to indicate the start and end of the speed race. The Graham Silverstone RS Racing chronograph is powered by the G1749 movement, which is protected by Incabloc shock absorbers.

There are three models in the Silverstone RS Racing series. These models are essentially the same, at least in terms of technical features, but the differences are manifested in different tones. There is a model with a blue bezel and a blue strap with red inserts; another model with a black bezel and a black inlaid white strap; and a third model with a green bezel and an orange strap A model with a bordered black strap. replica luxury watches