Panerai launches a clever and simple perpetual calendar

Panerai replica launches a clever and simple perpetual calendar

There are two flavors, PAM00742 and PAM00715.

Following the recent return of platinum to Panerai’s product line, the brand continued to use precious metals, but this time launched a more refined movement with a perpetual calendar and Greenwich Mean Time.

Despite its complexity, the Luminor Perpetual Calendar (with Goldtech PAM 742 or Platinumtech PAM 715 to choose from) is cleverly designed and has a clean dial. It is typical of Panerai, and it looks like a Panerai calendar at a glance.

For the first time equipped with a Panerai watch (despite the co-branded Panerai-Ferrari FER015 in 2007), the perpetual calendar was only included in another Panerai timepiece, the super complex made in 2014 to commemorate Galileo Astronomical Clock Galileo.

Although simple, the perpetual calendar watch did not disappoint, with its concise calendar display. Although complications are common nowadays, few brands can have a unique and clear calendar display-Moser is one of them. Considering the simplicity of its logo design, perhaps more important to Panerai than any other brand, the streamlined display means that Luminor Perpetual Calendar still looks very much like a typical Panerai.

Unlike the recently launched blue hands Platinumtech Luminor, the rose gold hands of Perpetual Calendar can blend into the olive background.

Since the dial is a familiar Panerai design, the key to distinguish Luminor Perpetual from standard products is the case material. The 44 mm case of the perpetual calendar watch is the same as the standard Luminor case, but due to its unusual weight, it undoubtedly leaves a deeper impression. Between the two, Platinumtech PAM 715 stands out, especially with its eye-catching olive green dial and radial brushed metal finish.

As the top model—Platinumtech PAM 715 is priced slightly less than $70,000—this watch is not surprisingly equipped with Panerai-related aesthetic details, which naturally includes a “sandwich” dial. But more importantly, the perpetual calendar movement is visually and technically interesting.

Although there is no fuss aesthetics, Luminor Perpetual still has a lot of things. The most obvious is the perpetual calendar, which divides the calendar into two sides-the most useful date and date in the front, the month and year in the back-everything is set through the crown. It is worth noting that because the calendar is based on gears, it can be set at any time, even around midnight, without risking the mechanism. Popular replica watches

It is worth noting that the rear is as streamlined as the front. The month and leap year are indicated by the triangular hands near the crown and are read on a pair of concentric discs. The outer disc has the month and the inner disc shows the leap year. The year display is clear and easy to read, and is displayed in four digits.

At the same time, Luminor Perpetual doubles as a travel watch, because it has a GMT pointer on the front, which can be easily hidden under the hour hand when not in use. The small second at nine o’clock combined with the day and night indicator helps to set the calendar, and can also be used in conjunction with the Greenwich Mean Time hand to indicate home time.

Based on the brand’s first micro-rotor movement, P.4000, the P.4100 in Luminor Perpetual has a similar layout as expected. Therefore, it includes a double-stacked barrel and a pair of large self-sounding barrels, which are unfortunately hidden under the micro-rotor. There is also a second hand, when the crown is pulled out, it will reset to zero and make a sound.

Panerai Luminor Perpetual Calendar
Ref. PAM00742 (Goldtech)
Ref. PAM00715 (Platinum Technology)

Diameter: 44 mm
Height: Not available
Material: gold or platinum alloy
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 50 m

Movement: P.4100
Functions: hours, minutes, zero hacking seconds, GMT, day and night indicators, perpetual calendar
Winding: automatic
Frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: three days

Strap: Alligator leather pin buckle