Jacob & Co Astronomer Casino

Similar to Diorama, this 4-hour super unique and functional Jacob & Co!

Different from others, Jacob and Co-Countling Company Jacob & Co have always managed to create new subtle differences in each of his works. The traditional time of Jacob & Co production is designed by the box.

From the existence of a micro-character, roulette table, to the music box in the watch, the following Jacob & Co Watch is the most unique version of the red version!

Rapper Drake Graham of Canada will wear a special Jacob and astronomy in 18k Rose gold “casino”, with a two-axis sticker, blue magnesium planet Earth miniature. The titanium dial temporarily has a rotating 288 planar diamond.

The roulette wheel is in the dial, allowing the owner to play their favorite opportunity games, although the astronomical entertainment is easy to use, but the technical solution to make it takes more than a year.

Separate with sapphire crystals, ceramic balls can give up without the risk of functioning of the watch.

Astronomer Casino

If you are a gambling lover, this clock will be very suitable for your personality. In addition to providing its main functions, this unique clock also allows you to bet. You can press the button that will rotate the wheel disk, and the number will appear. This superior clock design has a thickness of 27.9 mm and made of 18k rose gold.

Astronomer Maestro

Development of 3.5 years of clocks include mini astronauts, as if floating in the air. This clock can also issue a sound generated by a music cartridge in this luxury watch. Watch made of 18-K rose gold and sapphire stone.

Scar opera

In order to commemorate this 37-year-old hug, upper jewelery from New York has cooperated, universally produced a movie theme. If you see this project, it feels that you will remember the legendary criminal drama movie played in 1983 Al Pacino.

It is made from 8K rose gold, which can play glass songs because it is the same as the two cylindrical music boxes.

Opera godfather

Most people must know the film mafia from the 1972 release. As one of the best movies in all times, Jacob & Co. Use this theme to create a luxury watch.

The clock made from 18K gold is equipped with a miniature Tang Vito Corleone, the Chairman of Mafia in the film, rotating 120 ° every 30 seconds. luxury men watch