What is the first “Tour Wheel” watch in life?

As one of the three major complex functions of the mechanical table, it represents the highest level in the mechanical watch manufacturing process, which is to minimize the effect of the stereotropic system in the mechanical table to the lowest degree, thus Improve the horror level accuracy. In the high-end watch area, it is equipped with a gyro device, and its pricing is inevitably not low, and today, this Tagheuer, Tagheuer, a total of TAGHEUER, HEUER02T, automatic counting table, for Most strength players are still very worthy of starting. (Form Model: Car5a8c.bf0707).

In the picture, this high-quality Carlera series Heuer02T automatic counting table not only has a modern modern appearance, but also combined with two complex devices of timing and gournevernewheel, at the same time, under the load of numerous components, The internal movement still can reach COSC certification, accurate, very rare.

The brand is equipped with a 5-stage titanium metal case for this watch, which is extremely light, a diameter of 45 mm, and the titanium housings are also polished and finely matte two process interactions, forming a non-general visual charm. .

Blue ceramic speed laps clear and bright.

There is a 5-stage titanium metal button on both sides, and the intermediate titanium metal crown also has a rubber non-slip treatment, making it easy to wearer. perfect fake watches

The watch is provided with a blue solar sheathed dial. The 3-point position on the disk has a “Azurate” concentric circular texture for 30 minutes, and the same process is established at 9 o’clock. plate.

The rounded blue gynewheel window is located at the 6 point position of the disk. This time Tigai is very beautiful with an ultra-light carbon fiber and a titanium metal gyro frame.

The copy watch is equipped with a “H-shaped” 2 titanium metal chain, and is equipped with a 2-stage titanium metal and fine steel folding buckle with a dual security button, escorting the watch.

The bottom of the watch is 5-stage titanium metal screw-in sapphire watch. Through sapphire glass bottom, we can clearly see the COSC certified Heuer02T movement of the watch inside the watch, and the units such as the movement of the movement of the core are related to the blue tone of the overall expression. The movement is completely manufactured by the brand, assembles the guide column wheel and the gyro, and the vibration frequency is 28,800 times / h. (4 Hz), providing 65-hour power storage, and passes COSC certification.

Summary: This titanium metal Carle Leuer02T Touring Wheel Time Code Table, under the appearance of high-quality, with accurate walking and multiple complex functions, plus the unique and lightweight advantage of titanium metal, want to start high The strength player of complex functional tables may wish to try.