Ulysse Nardin new divers

Surfing and Ulysse Nardin new divers and beau latitudes Just in the summer, Ulysse Nardin will use three different models for their divers, 42 mm, 44 mm, and a finite version of the luxury boat and paddle manufacturers Beau Lake.

Ulysse Nardin Contact with Ocean Exploration Start in the 19th century, when the brand made a precision ship timer to help the sailor sail on the public seas. Of course, of course, modern Hazhais navigation does not require a ship’s machine, so it is no longer needed (except for collectors).

In a few centuries of the water-resistant watches, our top brands have been improved on the waterproof and diver watches for decades.

One of the brands is ulysse nardin. Calculate the three new diving watches described in detail, the brand offers 38 different timepieces in the diver collection. The breadth of this series and its numerous options offer a watch to meet almost any taste and horizontal ocean activities.

Big, bold, blue
The largest new part in the new, 44mm (references 1185-170-3 / blue), and provides complications that do not associate with the diver “tool” watch. In addition to the basic single-way rotating baffle for timing diving, 44 mm watches also have a power reserve indicator and a small stopwatch indicator for 6 o’clock.

The housing is titanium having a blue PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating. The baffle is also blue, 18K rose gold numbers, indices and outer circles. The hands of the watch and the hour index are also rose gold, rich brilliant coating coating, whether dark super sublimation. Blue rubber strip, with Blued Titanium Buckle completed the elegant and rough appearance of the men watches cheap.

Invisible gray
The second is the diver 42mm watch (refer to 8163-175 / gray-5n), Julsis Nardin called “Shark ash”. Automatic movement by the caliber Un-816, the watch has 18K rose gold accent on its baffle, and its hour index and hand coated have a super-raised. In addition, its sandblasting gray dial has a relatively dimensional date at 6 o’clock, making it not dispersed or baffles.

It has invisible appearance, its gray matte satin finished, gray rubber baffle and gray crocodile belt. Stealth is critical to the shark on hunt, making “shark gray” quite loose name for the color of the watch.

Sea flash
Dazzling diamonds are the third new model focus, ladies divers 39mm (references 8162-182b1-0a / 3a). The case of a watch is produced with rich 18K rose gold, set diamonds on their baffles. In addition, the new model has a milky white pearl protein dial, a wealth nod to Beijing. Diamonds can also be marked as a watch for a watch and have a small date at 6 o’clock.

For all flash, new ladies divers 39mm – White rubber or crocodile belt – automatically packed a large number of tensile powers with its caliber Un-816.

Ulysse Nardin x Beau Lake
Finally, but not least, 15 ULYSSE NARDIN DIVER Chronometer 44mm Beau Lake Limited Edition is the result of design partnerships between two brands. Both are committed to the ultimate hand technology.

This limited edition is almost the same as the new submersible timer we have discussed, but Ulysse Nardin X Beau Lake Models carries all brand names on the dial. Customized 11’6 “Malibu Paddle board, anchor sign with ulysse Nardin. All beauties of Beau Lake are” blending retro aesthetics, high performance, “according to the brand. Maribu design is from” Surfing culture in Gibson Guitar and 50s “Also includes a matching Ulysse Nardin-Prodossed paddle and travel bag.

Ulysse Nardin and Beau Lake Share “Love, Adventure, History Appreciation,” brand in a statement, it shows!