Richard Mille introduced the ladies’ RM 07-01 car red

Swiss Table Company Richard Mille’s latest watchmaking is a female design called RM 07-01 Raming Red.

The watch is designed as a tribute to one of the FIA World Endurance Championships, a total of 6 hours of spa-francorchamps; the driver of watch shoes will wear it in the game.

The watch has bright red throughout the aspect, aligned with the color of Mille Team Car. Its lightweight motion design has an arched case. It is equipped with Mille’s CRMA2 caliber. Materials for keeping watch feather levels and durable materials include carbon TPT, proprietary materials developed by Mille.

RM 07-01

Aesthetic attractive, perfect integration

Ladies are increasingly interested in the appeal of watches. RM 07-01 represents the perfect mechanical synthesis between “Tough Love” provided by Haute Horlogerie elegance and new materials.

If the RM 07-01 is perfectly sparkling with extreme mechanical, it will also shine in its tonnage-shaped box design sexy and curve line – the smallest collection – set the dial of the center field with gemstones.

The center of the clock center is designed in the interior CRMA2 caliber, which is specially developed for the highly bone development developed by replica RM 07-01.

At the same time, it is very light and robust, carbon TPT® has a powerful look while ensuring the best protection for sports. Its inlaid mode makes each piece unique.

Gold made of watches have a charming flash, from a long years, perfective precious metal technology. In Richard Mille, White and Red Gold For their aesthetic effects and delightful flexibility and eyes – the nature of this element makes it an excellent material.

Collection provides a wide color palette of color ceramics. In addition to exceptional resistance, ceramics also have a gorgeous finely granules that complete the perfect finishes. This allows textures to appear between its polishing appearance and polishing surfaces.

Gem set ceramics and carbon TPT® case
Richard Mille copy continues to add a variety of materials, gem settings, and bracelets with unique gemstone ceramics and carbon TPT®.

With this unprecedented diamond and black case marriage, the brand illustrates its powerful determination, making products in a fascinating woman with beauty technology.

Dial-up: Diamonds with Jasper, Onyx, Pearl, Jade, Carbon TPT® or full diamond set

Bridge made of bottom plate and 5-stage titanium
The microhama 5 has a highly rigid rigidity of the top plate with an electrical forming voltage, as well as the precise surface flatness, which is critical to the perfect function of the gear system. The bridge is also treated in 5 titanium, microorganisms and electroplating film.

Skeleton-based bottom plates and bridges perform independent and extensive verification tests to ensure optimal strength requirements.

Variable geometric rotor
The variable geometric rotor has been incorporated into the Caliber, enabling the rewinding of mainspring into the user’s activity level. You can modify the settings by adjusting two weights that can be adjusted and fixed by spline screws. When two weights are closer to each other, the inertia of motion is increased; then the bucket is faster. If the weight is located at the limbs of the rotor, the inertia is reduced, and the bucket wind is slower. 1:1 replica watches

Rotor specification
• 5n red golden outer edge and heavy edge ring
• Heavy metal weight segment
• Ceramic ball bearings
• Automatic OWNWAY® ceramic winding system with ball bearings
• Two-way winding system