Patek Philippe launches Nautilus 5711 olive green dial watch

New Patek Philippe fake watches will be on the Watches & Wonders 2021 – we just doubt any of them from Nautilus 5711 series. It was because Patek Philippe was confirmed in 2021, confirmed the 5711 parrot (40 mm wide steel case, three pointer) will be suspended. They just don’t know when to retire. Patek Philippe may even publish more 5711 models in 2021, which is the last year of Geneva, Geneva, Geneva, which will produce this generation of Genta Genta design. Deluxe sports watches, in the past 15 years, the enthusiast community has recognized.

Now is in April 2021, the latest members of Patek Philippe Nautilus are 5711 / 1A-014, which has a fine steel housing with metal olive green dials. This is the first green Nautilus watch in history. If you have been paying attention to the latest time plan, you will now find that green is the latest popular color of the top time. Patek Philippe called “Chaoyang’s olive green” face, combining the iconic horizontal relief dial with the gold-tag and the matching pointer of the application.

This is a modern sports watch treated by Patek Philippe using olive green dial. The first time was in 2019, Patek Philippe launched Aquanaut 5168G, and the dial color used a similar green tone. The only main difference is that Aquanaut’s case is 18K platinum, while Nautilus’s case is steel. Interestingly, Patek Philippe also released a diamond decorative version with olive green parrot – only in the fine steel case. The reason why I say this is because in most cases, Patek Philippe’s diamond decoration watches are gold or platinum. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 / 1300A-001 (5711 / 1300A) has the same 40mm wide steel shell (8.3 mm thick), but 3.6 grams of Dragonal rectangular cut diamonds are sealed. This is a maleism that enjoys the diamonds that makes it a short installed version of this half-sports bracelet watch. Although the steel case has the nature of “non-precious”, the diamond version of the Nautilus 5711 is from about $ 60,000 higher than the non-diamond decorative version.

Patek Philippe’s success is largely due to the traditional comfort and balance of this product, as well as how many sets of collectors behind the product. Nautilus was originally designed by the famous watch designer Geralda, now has more financial asset characteristics, not just a pure luxury watch. It is because the production of the parrot screw is naturally limited (the case is the same as the jewelry, so the time to manufacture is required), and because they are usually related to price stability. Taking into account the uncertainty of a larger investment market, the watch like the parrot can be considered too much, because it can be sold to the collector with a price higher than the retail price. In some cases, the price is higher than the retail price.

The inside of the watch is Patek Philippe homemade 26-330 S C movement automatic movement – can be enjoyed by sapphire crystal base cover. Patek Philippe Nautilus has a lot of charm as a watch. Obviously, it is well worked, very comfortable, with elegant and sleeper automatic movements, and is widely used. Here you can read the complete comments on Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 watches. It is one of the most popular “one-piece bracelet with the steel case”, even if Patek Philippe is discontinued in 5711, its popularity will remain the same – because they have confirmed this generation of three-pin parrot snails The subsequent model is coming.