De Bethune-DB28XP meteorite

DB28 is one of the most well-known products of the Swiss brand De Bethune. It combines a black zircon case and a meteorite dial to present it with a new interpretation.

The DB28XP meteorite is a limited edition of 10 individually numbered pieces, decorated with a new type of meteorite, the Muonionalusta meteorite. This may be the oldest known meteorite in the world that has already hit our planet. The first fragment was found on the banks of the Muniono River in Sweden in 1906. Its main components are iron and nickel, and are distinguished by perfect geometric lines with a 60° oblique “Widmanstätten” pattern.

But in this timepiece, replica De Bethune takes it farther by creating a starry sky with its Milky Way on the previously blue meteorite dial. This blue shade is produced by the heat released by the chemical reaction of the heated meteorite.

It is not difficult to imagine that every kind of sky is different, so 10 works have their own characteristics. However, in order to make this time more exclusive, customers can select a given constellation at a specific date, time and place based on an accurate sky map.

The 43mm x 7.2mm case is made of ultra-light polished black zirconium, with the distinctive features of a crown at 12 o’clock and patented floating lugs.Popular cheap watches

There is an anthracite hour ring on the dial, coated with pink Arabic numerals and surrounded by a satin-brushed titanium minute ring. Made of polished rose gold, the hour and minute hands are clear and eye-catching.

The manual winding movement is equipped with a De Bethune balance, which can be seen through the 6 o’clock dial hole. It is equipped with the latest technological advances, including adjustable diameter, the use of titanium and small platinum weights placed along the rim, and gives the rim significant inertia, reliability and adjustment performance.

The DB2115v7 movement starts at a vibration rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour, can automatically adjust the double barrel, and provide an excellent power reserve of up to 6 days.