Chopard Alpine Eagle

The design itself is based on the St. Moritz series in replica Chopard 1980. Advance with the times, even today’s 36mm version is wider than the original version, thicker – but whether it is a 41mm version or it does not feel or clumsy, or becomes large for “movement”. The three-strand bracelet does not change in the layout, but in fact, it is different from all other aspects: the chain ring is still fixed by the eight-shaped pin, which can be perfectly combined with the stiffness and flexibility. The central link is raised, not as flush as the original letter used to previously used, and the integration between the tableclock and the ear structure due to the latest developments in the shell manufacturing, now includes more complex tables Ear design.

The mobility of the original border and the outer casing remained unchanged, although the latter is more embarrassed on the new model, it cannot support a larger side. The new design has lost some original flowers, but I hope not. Moreover, this more frightened and structured appearance is the 41mm wide luxury sports watch required in today’s market. Just my intuition tells me that the public’s taste will continue to be more relaxed and ventilated in the 1980s, the original St. Moritz is a good example, but here and now, Alpine Eagle is here It is necessary to sit with as many listeners as possible.

There are two benefits of double forging processes. First of all, as the name suggests, Chopard’s Langxun Steel A223 is more hard, the Vickers hardness level is 223, while the standard 316L stainless steel Vickers level is about 150. Secondly, it is steel, whose whiteness and brightness are really incredible – so much, for the first time, I watched about 90,000 clock photography images, which made me steel case and luxury bracelet Reflectance is struggling. Watch.

If you see my image is darker than usual, it is because I have to adjust to compensate for the brightness and whiteness of Lucent Steel. I have never seen something similar – 904L steel, AP or Patek Philippe (Patek) without Rolex (Patek), and there is no other place. It is flawless white, but the color is rich, and the trend of glow will evoke similar “now, this is the words of the luxury steel watch”. Even never trained newcomers, the quality and excellent appearance of this material is also easy to see. It is important to note that whether bright glow is still inherent, it looks not cheap – the opposite. Just look at the two external links significantly uniform illumination and orange reflection, as shown below. This kind of thing will not occur accidentally or incorrectly;

It is not necessary to be an engineering doctor, you can know that the smaller material is, the more difficult it is. (Of course, it is also the same arduous challenge with cotton candy, but I believe you will understand what I mean.) Despite this, in the watch industry, such attributes can usually be converted to a more beautiful, more The surface of the strange surface is made of it. According to the introduction of the product launch, Chopard’s engineers must give up this material for a few months (I want to broadcast all kinds of French bombs, they also kicked their door in Fleurier’s factory) – how much? In the process of making Langxun Iron and Steel Company, they have to endure mechanical (and nerve) failures.

A interesting detail – and the proof of the details of the Word of fake Chopard, who commended by Chopard, ands, Chopard, has experienced trouble, designing the function screws of the casing and the lap, so that their slots The process is aligned with the bar. Therefore, yes, Hublot did not worry, and the AP did what to achieve by wisely solving the problem, and Chopard tried to find the project solution. Read this book, you may belong to one of the following two categories: a) Unacceptable screws in Hengbao (and other watches) never bother you, or b), you think they are designing with high quality luxury watch. If you belong to a group, you can ignore this paragraph – but other people will not agree because of the attention of the details of the details.

Long-term wearableability still needs “wrist time” check to determine. For now, I can only say that the narrow chain is easy to follow the shape of my narrow wrist, but with its eight-graphic pin, they also have sufficient stiffness and do not feel soft or cheap. Double folding buckle is completely hidden below the chain link in the bracelet. Open it only needs enough strength to feel safe, and you can’t trouble. Both version of the case is very thin enough to make the sleeve slide onto the watch – I rarely encounter the sleeves crawling on the luxury sports watch, but this is true.

The size of the 41 mm wide version is smaller than the recommended size. For example, compared with DateJust 41, its wear is smaller and looks more appropriate. Therefore, this version is equipped with a 41 mm watch, and a elegant and restraint of the breath, such as something that exudes 39 mm wide original anal oak. The ratio of the two models is this, so that I have no changes to the border, housing, bracelet or dial, which is rare feat, especially in proportion.

Complete built-in COSC Observatory
The size and all changes in the Hawk of the Wing Bang Alps are equipped with the internal production of automatic movements. The two movements in all watches have passed the COSC chronograph certification throughout the entire range. The larger version is equipped with a wedge movement 01.01-C, which is an internal movement, a modern working frequency of 4Hz, 60-hour power reserve, and a bridge of industrial finishing techniques and traditional shapes. Its size is 28.80 mm wide, which can be well filled with 41 mm Big Alps.

Powering for Chopard’s 36mm Watch ALPINE EAGLE is Chopard Calibre 09.01-C, which is also produced inside the Wonderful Fleurierébauches manufacturing plant. It operates with a frequency of 3.5 Hz (25,200 Vph) and has a compact architecture and a 42-hour power reserve of 159 components. Obviously, this is a movement designed according to the basic ETA movement, which allows Chopard to replace the movement provided by its own movement without having to redesign its established case and dial. Rotor and tagged piano bridge with ball bearings, complement with surface decoration details of the surface and bracelets. This focus on detail helps to deny a simple movement to replace the idea of ​​a female model on the basis of “will do”.

I will say that if this new product can’t be compared with any usual suspicion in quality, then I will not perform this comparison. Only compare design and equivalent (ie, as a luxury steel sports watch) do not automatically compare it with the overlord of the market. However, Alpine Eagle is unparalleled, and the price is only half of it.

Therefore, if you have the next purchase of luxury steel sports watches to be recognized by a watch that has similar products, then you must continue to harass your Rolex, AP or PATEK dealer. However, if you originally widely popular because of the Royal Oak and Nautilus (for example, combined with high execution quality with appropriate all-round wear resistance), Chopard is desired to the next luxury steel sports watch Alpine EAGLE Watch, especially Lucent A223 watch or two tones of 41 mm versions are enough to make you feel very happy. This way, you don’t have to guess you may temporarily wait for the list.

The Alpine Eagle 41mm Chopard Watch has three versions: blue and gray dials. All Lucent steel, or 18K rose gold in Langxun steel and gray dial. Smaller Watch Alpine Eagle 36mm Watches have other varies, including all golden tables with or without diamond arrangement and bracelet central chains. discount fake watch