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To commemorate the 160th birthday of Hattori Kintaro, Seiko launches Astron GPS Solar special edition limited watch

In 1860, the founder of Seiko Hattori Kintaro was born in central Tokyo. At that time, after more than two centuries of retreat, Japan experienced tremendous social and industrial changes and began to enter the world stage. It was an era full of opportunities, and no one understood its meaning better than Kintaro. At only 17 years old, Kintaro began to operate a watch repair business at home. Only 4 years later, he established his own company to repair, import and sell watches.

Under the leadership of Kintaro, the start-up company gradually grew into an outstanding Japanese watchmaker, and he soon gained the reputation of “King of Oriental Watches” in Japan. Today, Seiko proudly celebrates the founder’s life, career and achievements with an Astron GPS Solar special edition limited watch (model: SSH073J1). This watch perfectly embodies Kintaro’s watchmaking vision, that Seiko should “always be the first One step”.

Seiko Astron, the world leader in satellite positioning solar power technology

In 2012, Seiko demonstrated the brand’s leading position in the field of high-tech watchmaking with the world’s first GPS Solar watch. By connecting to the GPS network, Astron can adjust the time to any time zone on the earth with the push of a button, and can obtain the required energy from the sun only without the need to replace the battery. No matter where you are, the Astron GPS Solar on your wrist can provide local time information with atomic clock accuracy.

Today, 8 years later, the latest generation of Astron satellite positioning solar energy technology powers the new Hattoro Kintaro 160th birthday and 160th anniversary watch, and it has also been added to the long list of Seiko watchmaking innovations (including the world’s first quartz watch in 1969) This list embodies Kintaro’s philosophy and keeps the brand at the forefront of watchmaking technology.

The case (42.8mm) and bracelet of the new watch are made of titanium and decorated with a scratch-resistant hard coating. The bezel is made of zirconia ceramics with 16 facets, symbolizing the 160th anniversary of Kintaro’s birth. The new model is dominated by dark black, decorated with a highly polished bezel and embellished with golden details. It is outstanding when worn on the wrist, in line with tradition.

The back of the case is stamped with the founder’s name “Kintaro Hattori” (Hattaro Kintaro) and the three heritage commemorative signs. Occupying the center of the bottom cover is the trademark “S” registered by Kintaro in 1900; above is his philosophy “One step ahead of the rest”; above is the first use in 1924 “Seiko” (Seiko) name.